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1Passing this notice along from our new neighbors at Orpheus Brewing. Welcome to the ‘hood, gang!

The era of Atlanta being a one-brewery town feels so distant, it’s almost mythical. And with major growth in the last year alone, the craft beer scene in this city is becoming one of legends. That growth includes our newest Midtown beer hero, Orpheus Brewing, which is launching an impressive tasting room on Memorial Day.

Orpheus Brewing will follow the artistic vision of their founder and brewmaster, Jason Pellett. He began designing their brewing recipes in 2010 and officially teamed up with his partners, founders Andrew Lorber and Will Arnold in 2013. The team derives their name from the Greek mythological hero Orpheus, and their slogan of “Don’t Look Back” comes from his trials in retrieving his wife from the underworld.

3“I got obsessed with brewing beer and developing recipes in college, but it took on a new level about six years ago,” Pellett says. “There was always the long-shot fantasy that one day it would develop into a brewery, so I’ve always been developing recipes around core ideas that could actually constitute opening one. I don’t want to do beers that already exist. So we’re creating flavors that you can’t find elsewhere, and beers I’d actually want to drink.”

The forward-looking team at Orpheus plans to focus on flavor, and not trends, with two beers available year-round, as well as seasonal IPAs, sours and other special releases. In their heroine brew, Atalanta (a tart plum beer available all year), are traits of what Orpheus aims for in all of its beers: a piquant flavor that is deceptively robust and a bit on the wild side. The seasonal sour series will include beers like Serpent Bite, a dry-hopped, sour mash with a tart bite and notes of tropical fruit. The first Bone Tablet IPA Series will be the spring seasonal brew, Transmigration of Souls, an “irresponsibly” hopped Double IPA, bursting with life from an absurd amount of aromatic hops. Orpheus will also launch with Saison Calliope, the first of its Rotational Saison Series. It is a complex beer with strong melon overtones and a hint of sweetness and bready wheat.

xxxxxThe Orpheus team plans to introduce even more beers later this year, from the Lyric Ale (a saison hopped like an American-style IPA) to Wandering Blues (a sour pale ale aged on fresh Georgia blueberries) and the 12th Labor (a rich and complex Imperial stout) along with even more varieties of barrel-aged sours from the two on-site barrel rooms.

Orpheus Brewing plans to host tastings at the brewery, overlooking Piedmont Park and the Beltline. And as a proud new member of the local craft beer scene and a hero to all sours and saison-lovers out there, they plan to prove their loyalty by focusing on those in the local food service industry and arts communities.

Memorial Day hosts the launch of the Orpheus Tasting Room on Monday, May 26 from 1 to 3 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. The tour and tasting is free and merchandise will be sold, such as a Belgian-style glass for $12 and T-shirts for $15. Orpheus is focused on reaching consumers through Atlanta’s best bars, restaurants and retail outlets. The Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points is the first to offer the brews, as they host a special tasting event on Wednesday, May 28. Many other local beer aficionado destinations will add Orpheus’ distinct saisons, sours and IPA’s to their lists this season as well.

There’s no way to reflect on Atlanta’s landscape without a robust beer scene. And with the opening, there is plenty more excitement brewing on tap across this city. Orpheus Brewing is located at 1440 Dutch Valley Place NE, Suite 2001. For more information on Orpheus Brewing, visit orpheusbrewing.com.

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