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We have had relatively few of these break-ins lately, but please do not let down your guard in keeping your home secure this summer. The Morningside Patrol reported 3 such break-ins earlier this month on Cumberland Circle, North Highland Avenue, Helen Drive and Piedmont Heights reported a break-in on Rock Springs Road. Keep up the good work at reporting to 911 suspicious persons and activity – we are the extra eyes and ears of APD and you never know when the unusual thing you observe and report may save you or your neighbor from becoming a victim.

Keep ALL doors and windows locked at ALL times and keep your security system activated. If you are going to be away on vacation – let your trusted neighbors know of your plans, and stop the mail and newspaper deliveries.

Note the two residential burglaries in this report. The Greenwood Avenue incident implies to me that the rear window was not locked, since the screen was removed to reach the window. The Park Drive incident says to me that since the back door window was broken – the thief just reached in to open the door and then the front door was found unlocked and ajar. This tells me that this homeowner did not have double locks on these doors. I learned the hard way many years ago to have door locks that require a key on both sides of the door. My thief just broke the back door window and reached in to open my door.

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