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Zone 6 Strikes Again!!

Just in case you are not aware of all the break-ins that happened to the beleagured Urban Body Fitness Studios on PDL Place the past couple of weeks – read the AJC story.

Now – just tonite I got the following narrative from our Major Propes as to the capture of the persistant thief, Donald Rayfield.

“Two outstanding members of our Zone 6 team conducted the undercover surveillance of the business. Officers Heckenkamp and Levine work the Morning Watch (11p.m. to 7 a.m.). They are our “go to it ” guys. They routinely are responsible for nabbing the bad guy! This time they concealed themselves at the location and watched as Mr. Rayfield attempted to kick in the door. They called in the uniform support and caught him in the act!

These two officers are also the ones that went in the burning house back in 2007 and rescued the two women from the burning house in the Inman Park area. The State Bar Association recognized them as Officers of the Year for that act of heroism. They were also the two officers that caught Andre Grier the last time he was arrested for breaking into a car in Inman Park. They are good! The furloughs haven’t stopped them!”

They also, I might add, were the ones that caught Roger Corley here in VaHi after he burglarized a residence on Orme Circle and left a stolen Jeep on Crestridge Drive. We are lucky to have these two gentlemen on duty here in the middle of the night. Thank you Major for this report.

Hopefully there will be a CourtWatch opportunity when Rayfield comes to court. We need to ask for him to be banned from the entire PDL Avenue corridor neighborhoods when he gets out of jail again, since this is where he seems to like to do his dirty work.

Traffic Alert!!

Tenth Street will be closed next Tuesday evening from 8 til 11 p.m. from Argonne Avenue to Monroe Drive for a trial run of a Soap Box Derby race to be actually held August 29th. If you will be traveling east on Tenth – you will be able to use Argonne Avenue to get to Monroe and then on to your destination. You might be better off that evening just using PDL Avenue and stay away from the congestion in the Tenth Street corridor.

Major Propes assures me there will be plenty of officers to handle the traffic diversion. Plan your Tuesday nite trips accordingly.

Job Opening

Our long-time and dedicated NPU “F” liquor license chair, Liz Coyle, has resigned to make her run for our City Council District 6 seat. This is a fascinating and vital job for our NPU and offers a chance for someone to really get involved in our local scene. I’m sure Liz will make herself available for assistance and giudance and I’ll be glad to assist also. Contact our NPU chair, Dianne Olansky at, if you would like to see how this whole process works and help your neighbors at the same time.

Speaking of liquor licenses

Club Eros on Monroe Drive has a new manager who was at our recent NPU meeting and offered his cell phone number for a contact – it is 404-840-4682. If you live in Piedmont Heights and are bothered by excessive noise from this club – don’t be shy about calling him to complain.

Stolen Driver’s Licenses

This tip about replacing a stolen driver’s license comes from Johanna Chapin who posted this info on the vhlist a while ago. She states – the DMV will only issue a replacement license with the same #, and not invalidate the old #, unless you have a police report that specifically says that your driver’s license was stolen. With another valid copy of your drivers license out there, someone could take that and cause a lot of identity theft damage. Bring the police report with you to the DMV and be prepared to rattle some cages (so she says) to get a license with a new # on it. Thanx Johanna, for posting this vital info. As an aside, the DMV office downtown in the stadium area is very easy to reach and is very well organized. I recently renwed my license there and was amazed at how smoothly and quickly their operation goes.

Two Interesting Websites

This web site – EveryBlock not only has houses for sale – but pin points crime locations. You can change zip codes for different info. And, if you are wondering about how many registered sex offenders are in our midst – go to

Speaking of sex offenders

the Fulton County Jail web site says that Kenneth Lamb was released from Rice Street on 5/26. I haven’t heard of any sightings of him yet. Remember – he was the shoeless beggar who frequented shopping areas on PDL Avenue and Monroe Drive. Midtown’s MPSA chief investigator says he has a registered address in ATL 30318 – living with 4 other registered sex offenders.

Be alert and stay safe!!


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