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Passing along the following from Christopher Juckins and the other residents who have been working recently to improve conditions along the alleyway that runs between Ponce and St. Charles east of Barnett (now dubbed ‘Maiden Trail’). Thanks to these residents for giving of their time and talents to make a difference in the neighborhood.

Saturday March 1 was another successful day for the continuing cleanup of the St. Charles/Ponce de Leon alleyway, located between Frederica and Barnett Streets. About fifteen residents who live nearby – some of whom live on other blocks – turned out with great enthusiasm to clear brush, debris, and collect several more bags of trash and recyclables from this common property recently nicknamed “Maiden Trail”.

The group’s goal is to make the alleyway safely passable for pedestrians, off-road bicyclists, and, most importantly, emergency vehicles. Residents have requested an increased police presence in the area to prevent the return of illegal encampments and deter crime.

...and after.

…and after.

Before and after pictures (two shown here) are quite impressive, with many areas of thick underbrush and overgrown weeds completely cleared by the volunteers. The group is working with the VHCA to find cost-effective ways of mulching or removing the large areas of cut brush that were created.

The next cleanup is scheduled for Saturday April 5 at 9:00 AM. Continuing feedback on the alley is encouraged so that the best and most sustainable long-term solution for the neighborhood can be implemented. Please email any comments to for more information.

The group also wishes to thank Emile Blau of American Roadhouse who once again generously supplied breakfast meals and coffee for the volunteers.

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