Sidewalk Committee Presents Findings to City Council

On February 14, 2013 reports from four sidewalk sub-committees were presented to members of City Council and city government. Links to the presentations can be found below. Peggy Berg, Chair of the VHCA Sidewalk Committee, presented on red tape in the city’s sidewalk process and on neighborhood initiatives.

The sub-committees recommended a comprehensive approach to managing Atlanta’s sidewalks, including realistic funding.

The Committees reported that Atlanta’s approach of “unmanaged risk features poor management of the overall system, extreme risk of liability and negligence lawsuit losses and a kick the can down the road political strategy” and notes that “unfortunately for this administration, the can is now so rusted that kicking it down the road would be a breach of fiduciary responsibility for tax funds and gross negligence in terms of public safety.”

Peggy Berg, VHCA Board, presented for the sub-committees on red tape and neighborhood initiatives. Sidewalk Sub-Committee February 14 presentation final

Sally Flocks, President and CEO of PEDS, presented for the sub-committees on policy and funding: Sidewalk Task Force presentation-recommended reforms Sally Flocks


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