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IMG_6215Anyone enjoy Summerfest this past weekend? We sure did, and by all accounts it was another successful festival.

Here are links to a few Google albums with photos from this year’s festival we thought you might enjoy viewing. Thanks to Lola Carlisle for contributing to this collection. We didn’t get to take as many pictures as we would have liked so if you have photos of the festival you’d like to share, send them to and we’ll upload them to one of our albums.


Click on the appropriate link below for albums of:

Summerfest 2014 Community Parade and Dinner (Friday June 6)

Summerfest 2014 Day One (Saturday June 7)

DSC_0141Warren Bruno Celebration Ride at Summerfest (Sunday June 8)

Summerfest 2014 Day Two (Sunday June 8)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Summerfest 2015!


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