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Voice – September 1973

September 1, 1973

Download PDF (473 kB) GDOT withdraws permit to use land for “Park 485” (John Howell Park) VH Bungalow Tour of Homes set for 11/10 and 11/11/1973 Picnic Neighborhood Questionnaire

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Voice – May 1973

May 1, 1973

Download PDF (577kB) May 8 meeting VHCA’s first birthday party to be held in June Working together with Morningside to fight I-485 Home Improvements Committee Planned neighborhood garage sale and art fair Zoning help from GA Tech Banners for restored homes 1973 Tour of Homes Groundbreaking for “Virginia Park 485” Zoning committee Enforcement of housing codes

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Voice – January 1973

January 1, 1973

Download PDF (385 kB) Housing inspector to speak Civic association renewing efforts to fight I-485 New park (future John Howell Park) New home improvement service for residents Tour of Homes success Questionnaire on house renovation

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