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Voice – Fall 2001

August 1, 2001

Download PDF (981 kB) Jules Burt, artist and creator of artwork for Summerfest incl. t-shirts Planning update by Betty Baumann and Winnie Currie: Eats ‘n’ Sweets location, 830 Ponce (case to save the trees was lost) PEDS Summerfest 2001 was success Park and tree news: GA Power line clearance, 817/821 Brookridge trees, Final defeat at…

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Voice – Spring 2001

April 1, 2001

Download PDF (640 kB) Summerfest 2001 Lawsuit by Doug Landau against Winnie Currie, settled.  (re: stopping  development of Colgate Mattress Company Warehouse mega-entertainment project – note, this location is, as of 2012, Paris on Ponce) 830 Ponce (as of 2012, The Carlton on Ponce condos) update. Saving oak trees. Lawsuit.

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Good news! re: 830 Ponce

February 2, 2001

In the bond hearing on Friday, January 26, Judge Long ruled in the Virginia-Highland Civic Association’s (VHCA) favor concerning the development of the property at 830 Ponce de Leon. After statements from both parties and testimony from the developer, she ruled that she would NOT require the VHCA to post a bond while there is…

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Great news for the neighborhood–and our trees!

August 23, 2000

The Ga. Supreme Court accepted the Virginia-Highland Civic Association’s appeal concerning the removal of trees on the property on Ponce de Leon and Freedom Parkway. The court issued a stay pending the resolution of the appeal! That appeal could last about a year. This issuance is a great interim victory and means no activity can…

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Voice – Fall 2000

August 1, 2000

Download PDF (780 kB) Committee updates Summerfest Tree news Plans for 830 Ponce (“Paces on Ponce” – as of 2012 called “Carlton on Ponce”)

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