Tentative Agenda for February 10 VHCA Board/General Meeting

Virginia-Highland Civic Association BoD Monthly Meeting

7:00 PM;  Monday, February 10, 2014; Church of Our Saviour, 1068 N. Highland Ave.

Tentative Agenda

Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

Reports from Police & Fire Dept. representatives

City of Atlanta officials

Other elected officials & guests

  • Dr. Gerry Neumark, President, President, APAB
  • Presentation on Open Door Residential Community (sometimes referred to as a Protestant Catholic Worker House), 910 Ponce de Leon Ave.; Mary Catherine Johnson

Planning Committee

V-14-005; 1055 Amsterdam Ave. NE; zoning is R-4.

Applicant Dan Hanlon (on behalf of owner Stephen Roach) proposes an extension of the existing home to the rear of the house and seeks variances to (1) reduce the eastern side yard setback from 7’ (required) to 3’ in line with the existing structure on that side; (2) reduce the front yard setback from 35’ (required) to 28’ (existing is ); and (3) reduce the half-depth front yard setback on the west side (abutting Humphrey St.) from 17’6” (required) to 3’5” (existing).   One tree in the buildable area will be removed; two 2.5’ trees will be planted.  The lot coverage remains well under 50%.  The appropriate neighbors have been notified. The date on the city’s stamped plans was not clear. At the VHCA Planning Comm., the applicant agreed he would furnish that date (and bring a copy to the VHCA meeting) and file a more specific plan to address the new stormwater created by the addition, specifically demonstrating that it would not flow downhill onto the eastern neighbor.  Subject to those conditions, the Committee voted unanimously to support the application.

Z-13-056 1085 Ponce de Leon Ave NE

Applicant Erik Kronberg  presents a proposal to rezone and redevelop the Druid Hills Baptist Church Activities Building and parking lot.  The proposal preserves the sanctuary and contemplates a new mixed-use residential/retail/commercial development with parking.  Though the development is in Poncey/Highland [NPU-N]) – not in Virginia-Highland – this informational presentation is mandated by the re-zoning process due to its proximity to and potential impacts on our neighborhood. (Link to the rezoning application:  Z-13-056 1085 Ponce de Leon Ave NE.   Link to a previously released article about it: http://atlanta.curbed.com/archives/2014/01/14/ponceyhighland-church-land-could-be-destined-for-mixeduse.php)

City of Atlanta Alley Re-platting Policy

Remand of V-13-099 from Fulton county Superior Court to BZA

Master Plan Update – Jenifer Keenan & Jess Windham

2014 Goals & Budgets – Jack White & Peggy Berg

Parks Committee – Lauren Wilkes Fralick, David Brandenburger

Safety Committee – Peggy Berg

Calendar Items – Lola Carlisle



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