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Virginia-Highland Civic Association Board of Directors Monthly Meeting

7:00 PM;  Monday, March 10, 2014; Virginia-Highland Church 

Tentative Agenda

Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

Police & Fire Dept. representatives

City of Atlanta officials

Other elected officials & guests

Budget Committee – Peggy Berg

Planning Committee

V-13-265 – 976 Adair Ave NE

Applicant Patti Hinkle has amended her variance application to and now seeks to reduce the setback to 5’ from the rear property line,  a distance that will end any question as to whether her (already existing) accessory structure is appropriately distanced from the boundary.  (The measurement is difficult to make, as the line is behind a tall fence.)  The Planning Committee unanimously recommended approval and waived the applicant’s appearance.

Toscano @ Sons Italian Market Alcohol License Transfer – 1050 N. Highland Ave. NE

Applicant Kathy Boehmer of Toscano & Sons Italian Market is transferring this business’ alcohol license from its previous location. The application has not come to us from the NPU; the applicant furnished a copy of the application.  The applicants had no liquor violations at their previous location and conduct their own training program, carding everyone.  The Planning Committee unanimously recommends approval, contingent upon city’s paperwork reaching the NPU by its meeting on 3-17-14.

V-14-031 – 669 Elmwood Drive NE

Applicant Jennifer Hansen seeks a variance to reduce the front yard setback from required 35’ to 18’ 4” (existing) and the east side yard setback from required 7’ to 1’ 7” (existing) for a 2nd story addition.  The addition is entirely within the existing setbacks; a site visit on 3-2-14 revealed no tree or runoff issues; the applicant is nonetheless considering adding stormwater retention capacity.  The Planning Committee recommends approval conditioned on a site plan dated 2-14-14.

V-14-012 – 959 Todd Road NE

Applicant Marsha Scott seeks a variance from zoning regulations to reduce the required rear yard setback from 15’ to 3’ (using half of the 10’ rear alley for credit toward setback).  The application required a re-platting of the (north) side yard property line, previously shown as an alley; the applicant’s request to that end was approved by the City of Atlanta Planning Department on 1-23-14, a decision that has been appealed by an adjacent neighbor.  The case will be heard by the BZA on 5-1-14.  The applicants wish to continue the variance process, averring that construction will not commence until the appeal is resolved.  At its meeting on 3-5, the Planning Committee solely addressed the variance issue and the applicant’s revised plan; at the applicant’s request, the application was deferred until the April Planning meeting.

Parks Committee – Lauren Wilkes Fralick, David Brandenburger

Calendar Items – Lola Carlisle: New permanent site for VHCA Planning mtgs: Garrison Hall, Church of Our Saviour

Master Plan Presentation – Jenifer Keenan, Jess Windham, & Aaron Fortner of Market + Main


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