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The Virginia-Highland Civic Association Parks Committee would like to formally thank Jesse Paluch of Jesse Paluch Home & Lawn Care for taking over routine maintenance of ‘The Triangle’ at the SW corner of Virginia Avenue and North Highland Avenue. For years, the VHCA has been paying for routine maintenance and upkeep of this great spot in the center of our neighborhood. In partnership with Park Pride and the VHCA, Jesse agreed to take this burden and expense off of our list of ‘to-do’s’. VHCA still retains overall strategic input, with the City, on any new plantings and/or additions. And, there will still be opportunities for seasonal volunteer annual planting days. This just takes the weekly blowing and trash removal off of our plate in exchange for a small sign—similar to those found in most other ‘circles’—not ‘triangles’—throughout the City and is complimentary.

For background, Jesse is local landscaper who is a true native of Atlanta, born and raised in Virginia-Highland, where he still resides.

The services he offers to his clients, include: Landscape Design & Install, Sod & Synthetic Turf Install, Permeable-Scape Install, Complete Landscaping Maintenance, General Sprucing and Clean Ups, and Hardscape Eco-Pressure Washing.

Jesse also maintains several other circles in the neighborhood. If you don’t know Jesse, swing by some afternoon when you see him and his crew there cleaning up—he’s there every week.

To contact him, he may be reached at to set up a consultation for any work you may need assistance with.

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