The AJC Reach Saga Continues

VaHi resident David Eckoff has stepped forward to really mount an offensive against the plastic-wrapped Reach advertising packets that are being thrown willy nilly all over the city – creating mounds of litter to be picked up by citizens who give a damn about how their neighborhoods look. I also view this delivery method as a public safety hazard representing the “broken window” theory of crime prevention, in that messy neighborhoods invite criminal activity. Visit the website at Channel 46 has also joined the crusade to stop this unwanted litter – see their report at David was interviewed for this report as well as my friend and fellow trash-hater, Jeff Childers from Kirkwood. The 46 reporter, Lesley Tanner, reported today that “the city says they contacted the AJC and they will have to start securing the ads at each house so they cannot blow around”. To me. this does not represent a “solution” at all – probably using the same guys who have been flinging these packets all over and asking them to “secure them to houses” – sure!! Channel 46 wants reports from you as to how this new delivery method is being done – send verbal and pictorial (video or still pix) to and then post your report also on the stopajcreach website for everyone to see. Stay tuned on this!!


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