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The Roadside Flagger

This is another guy who seems to have recently surfaced again – this time being sighted on Briarcliff and Lenox Roads. This is a neatly dressed b/m who attempts to try to flag down cars as if he is having some sort of an emergency – but as we know from a year or so ago, this is a scam. If he succeeds in getting someone to stop he will have some story about needing money for gas, etc. If you don’t stop he screams, yells and waves his arms.

The Auto Repair Scammer

Thanx again to Rob Glancy for uncovering a scam that has apparently been going on for some time. See the story at If you think you have been victimized by this guy – please e-mail Peggy Denby, the executive director of MPSA (Midtown Ponce Security Alliance) at with a report – she will pass it on to APD Zone 5 who really wants to catch this scammer.

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