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Operations central for the Tour of Homes was the YWCA on N. Highland Ave.

Thanks to all who attended, volunteered for and participated in our 20th anniversary Virginia-Highland Tour of Homes held December 6th and 7th. The tour committee started getting excited after the first day’s strong attendance, rainy though it was. By the end of Sunday, we were ecstatic because it was clear we had broken all records this year. For the first time, we sold out the tour with just under 1900 tickets! Record attendance plus increased financial support from our sponsors generated proceeds that surpassed last year’s $51,000 by 20%. We raised over $61,000 for VHCA initiatives. Again, the first words that come to mind are THANK YOU!


2014 Tour of Homes organizers Angelika Taylor, Arturo Cruz-Tucker and Robin Ragland (l-r)

We’re still receiving feedback about the tour and have begun to review it as a committee to identify opportunities for improvement for next year’s event. We already have some new ideas for next year’s tour we think you’ll enjoy. We hope to see everyone back again in 2015! We’ll need more volunteers, sponsors, and beautiful homes. Let us know at any time if you have an interest in next year’s tour!

Tour of Homes organizers Gina Hecht and Eleanor Barrineau (l-r)

Tour of Homes organizers Gina Hecht and Eleanor Barrineau (l-r)

Tour of Homes volunteer Allie Fenn assembles bags for tour-goers

Tour of Homes volunteer Ally Fenn assembles bags for tour-goers.


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