Trees Atlanta Conducts Seminar on Atlanta Tree Ordinance

TreeOrdinance2016promoTrees are a tremendously valuable public resource. The goal of a “tree ordinance” is to prevent net loss of trees and the tree canopy on both public and private property.

Urban trees work hard for us — they are an integral part of the natural system that helps lower summer temperatures, offset the urban heat island effect, prevent erosion, lower the incidence of flooding, and enhance the overall quality of life for Atlanta’s residents. In many ways, the mature urban forest is Atlanta’s signature environmental feature. For this reason, the City of Atlanta created the tree protection ordinance to help protect the urban canopy.

What is our tree ordinance? What can (or can’t) city arborists do? What’s the definition of a dead, dying, and hazardous (DDH) tree? Which rules apply to removing trees on construction sites? How does the Tree Commission and the appeals process work? What do the orange and yellow public notice signs mean? Come meet key contacts in the City’s Arborist Division, learn, and ask your own questions. This discussion will be led by key staff from the City of Atlanta Arborist Division. They will guide us through the basics and discuss a local case study. Citizens can become more empowered to act as effective stewards of our trees by better understanding the City’s tree ordinance.

  • Seminar to be held at Trees Atlanta’s TreeHouse facility at the StoveWorks, 112 Krog St., Suite 7
  • Doors open at 6:00 PM with light refreshments.
  • Program begins promptly at 6:30 PM.
  • Please walk, bike, or carpool and arrive early to accommodate for limited parking in local lots and street parking.

Free with registration:


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