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I was a little concerned about this mixture until Kathryn King-Metters, Jane Rawlings and myself had a face to face meeting with Lt. Dancy, who is heading up the off-duty patrol security for the Pride festival. Lt. Dancy was very receptive to listening to our neighbor’s concerns and is passing on these concerns to the 40 some off-duty APD folks who will be on our streets and in the park this weekend. Lt. Dancy will be using the same basic traffic/parking format that has been in place now for some time regulating Class A Piedmont Park events, and we know now that this plan works for our neighborhood safety. The usual water-filled barricades will be posted on Monroe at Cresthill, Elmwood, Park and Orme. You should be able to find an officer posted at these barricades for questions, concerns or for serious problems, a 911 call will notify the off-duty and on-duty police during this event. The 911 operators are to have been notified this festival is in progress in our area.

I would think that using good parental supervision of your trick or treaters anywhere in the neighborhood is necessary for this Saturday evening. The trick or treaters I have seen on my street in previous years have always been well controlled and this year should be no different. We have the advantage of one more day of DST which will really help also.

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