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Neighbors on Rosedale Road at Virginia have been having continuous issues with uncollected garbage cans from adjacent apartments. They tell us that the bins are left out and that residents pile their new trash over the course of the week into the bins (or around them). They tell us that this  attracts vagrants who sort through the trash, as well as causes a public health danger from vermin. They tell us the apartment owners have been unresponsive and they have escalated the issue to the City for action. They requested us to publish the rules as well as the email of Mr. Raikes (draikes@atlantaga.gov) at the City which is the person to escalate to.

The rules are that trash and recycle bins must be removed by 7pm the day of collection and placed in the following areas (measured from the home’s side of the sidewalk):

  • 35 feet if collected from the front
  • 15 feet if collected from a rear street
  • 17.5 feet if collected from a side street if your house is at a corner

If you have unresolved problems with garbage cans please contact John Wolfinger and Peggy Berg of the Safety and Traffic chair, VHCA.

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