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According to AJC research of APD statistics – we are number 15 on the list of the top 20 City of Atlanta neighborhoods with the most reported crime incidents so far in 2009.

We are on this list almost solely due to the large number of “larceny from vehicle” reports. Though many of the victims are neighborhood residents, the majority are visitors drawn here by our large variety of restaurants and watering holes, and I continue to urge our hospitality businesses to warn their patrons to clean out their vehicles before enjoying an evening here. The solution seems so simple on the surface, yet remains so elusive. Collectively, if we eliminate the bait – the rats will go elsewhere. We all have the responsibility of warning our neighbors and visitors to keep their cars clean.

Read the city-wide neighborhood crime reports at This service has been set up by Matt Dempsey at the AJC. He urges feedback to him at It has been suggested on the vhlist we organize some porch parties or neighborhood walking times to increase our citizen exposure on the streets. Any suggestions or further ideas along these lines? Let me know.

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