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By John Wolfinger

Business Owners Stay Alert

I was recently informed about a theft incident at a N. Highland Ave. store that happened the week before Christmas. This happened shortly after opening and all staff members were busy with customers that kept them away from the front of the store. A thief entered and took an employee’s cell phone from the counter as well as some cash, and was gone in a minute.

I notice that quite often in small stores cell phones are left on counters and available for quick theft. Why not buy work aprons for all employees that have large pockets so that cell phones will not be visible – yet accessible for use? These aprons could also help to identify employees. If all staff members have to be away from the front door for whatever reason – it would be prudent to just lock the door with a sign stating you will be back open in just a few minutes.

The Repeat Offender Commission

Interesting article about preliminary work being done to address the huge problem we have with repeat offenders. Hope this is not yet another study done that ends up on someone’s storage shelf though.

The following reports are taken from our APD Zone 6 ( VaHi Beat 601 reported incidents for the 2014 weeks 50 and 51 (12/7 to 12/20). These reports are not meant to scare anyone, but to let you know what happens around us everyday so you can be alert and aware.

Aggravated Assault: No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Auto Theft: No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Commercial Burglary: No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Residential Burglary: A Virginia Ave. apartment was entered via a damaged front door lock and a laptop taken.  A PDL Pl. apartment was entered via an unlocked balcony door – the front door lock was damaged but still locked.  The victim first reported the intrusion, but said that nothing was missing.  Then the victim called 20 minutes later to report missing – $7120 cash, a safe, 3 passports, 2 laptops, an Ipad and a playstation.

Commercial Robbery: No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Residential Robbery: No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Pedestrian Robbery: No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Larceny From Vehicle: Los Angeles Ave. (purse), St. Louis Pl. (wristwatch), N. Highland Ave. ( purse, checkbook), Clemont Dr. (GPS, drill and drill bits), Elmwood Dr. (pepper spray and gloves), Crestridge Dr. (gifts), N. Highland Ave. (pilot’s bag), Los Angeles Ave. (satchel and i-pad), Briarcliff Pl. (purse, wallet and contents, pills, employee key card), PDL Ave. (3 jackets, bag with medical supplies), Briarcliff Tr. (laptop), Virginia Ave. (briefcase, 3 I-pads, laptop, cellphone, bag), N. Highland Ave. (purse, wallet and contents, keys), Highland Tr. (tool bag, 2 drills, sander, router) this truck was unlocked, Lanier Blvd. (2 GPS’s), PDL Pl. (45 caliber handgun). All over the Zone in this time period there were 121 reported incidents, with 6 weapons added to the arsenal on the streets, and 11 catalytic converters sawed off.

Larceny Other: A UPS package was stolen at the front door of a Georgia Power building on PDL Pl.. A wallet and contents were taken from a purse at the Drunken Unicorn on PDL Ave. At a PDL Pl. apartment a laptop was missing from a closet after the victim hosted a party. Nearby, there were 6 shoplifting reports from all of the stores at the Edgewood Retail District – wonder how many incidents were not detected?

Stay alert and aware and enjoy the rest of this holiday season. And remember the Clean Car Campaign which states that ALL parked cars are to be cleaned out at ALL times.

Happy New Year!

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