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By: John Wolfinger

The Room Service Lounge

As most of you know by now, the Room Service Lounge at 1937 Piedmont Circle, NE, was voted unanimously by the License Review Board on 12/17/13 to have a 360 day suspension of their liquor license and be fined $12,500. This establishment has been a thorn in the side of APD (and the immediate neighborhoods) for years now, being the site of many, many crimes as well as underage serving. This decision is now on Mayor Reed’s desk awaiting his signature to become active. Please take the time to e-mail the Mayor and ask him to sign this decision –

The Ponce Hotel

The sale of this hotel at 551 PDL Avenue, that I was so excited about happening, now seems to have taken a turn-around – there is a Stop Work order placed on their front door.   I was hoping that, with new ownership, this would not continue to be a hang-out for many criminals, prostitutes and druggies.  Now the yellow sign on the door may not signal hope after all.  I’ll keep you posted when I learn what is happening at this building.

Lest We Forget

As we now enter 2014 – let us not forget the memory of the two VaHi murder victims in recent years.  Charles Boyer, killed on Virginia Avenue on 11/22/2010 and Mushtaq “Mike” Moloo, killed on Barnett Street on 8/16/2012.  Boyer’s killer, part of the Jack Boys gang, is in prison for life – but Moloo’s killer has never been apprehended.

Your Sensitive Papers

There were multiple reports just a week or so ago in Piedmont Heights of a young w/m with a shaved head going thru trash cans looking for paperwork.  PLEASE remember to not throw any sensitive paperwork into the trash (including all of those credit card application offers with your name and address preprinted on them), but to shred them for safety.  If you do not have a shredder, take this paper to the monthly Keep Atlanta Beautiful recycling event on the 2nd Saturday at 320 Irwin Street, NE in the Old 4th Ward.  Your 1st box of paper to be shredded is free.

A Good Zone 6 Neighborhood News Story

This Boulevard Heights resident seems to have the VaHi crime-fighting spirit.  Also featured in this newsclip is our Zone 6 Officer Jason Somers – another one of APD’s finest.

APD’s December Activity Summary

The APD Greatest Hits at

The following reports are taken from our APD Zone 6 ( VaHi Beat 601 crime stats for the 2013 weeks 49 and 50 (12/1 – 12/14).  These reports are not meant to scare anyone, but to raise your level of alertness as to what happens around us everyday.

Aggravated Assault: No reported incidents in Beat 601

Auto Theft: No reported incidents in Beat 601

Commercial Burglary: No reported incidents in Beat 601  We did however have a recent such incident on 1/14/14 at the Rosemont apparel store on North Highland Avenue.

Residential Burglary: A home was broken into on PDL Place via a broken bedroom window with jewelry taken.

Commercial Robbery: No reported incidents in Beat 601

Residential Robbery: No reported incidents in Beat 601

Pedestrian Robbery: No reported incidents in Beat 601.  However, around the Zone – snatch and grabs of cell phones are still happening.  I’m still always amazed that we have not had any of these incidents here, what with all of the folks who walk and talk and are not at all aware of their surroundings.

Larceny From Vehicle: Vehicles were broken into on PDL Place, St. Charles Avenue, North Highland Avenue (3), Hudson Drive, PDL Avenue, Virginia Avenue, Adair Avenue, Maiden Lane, Lanier Boulevard, and in a Cooledge Avenue incident an arrest was made of Dwight Beck – who led  Zone 5 Officers here after he was spotted crouching behind cars on Midtown’s St. Charles Avenue.

There were 88 incidents of this crime throughout Zone 6 in this time period.

Larceny Other: A cellphone and keys were taken from a Briarcliff Summit building apartment.

Thanks to all of the VaHi citizens who responded to my plea for toys to take to Zone 6 for their annual Christmas toy party – the gathering was a resounding success – even with Major Peek leading the singing of carols!!  Not only is he an outstanding cop – but an outstanding vocalist too.

Happy New Year!

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