VHCA Annual Meeting and Elections and VHCA 40th Anniversary Celebration

The Virginia-Highland Civic Association will hold its Annual Meeting and Election at the Inman Middle School Cafeteria on September 13 from 6:30 – 9:00PM.

The Virginia-Highland Civic Association will hold its Annual Meeting and Election at the Inman Middle School Cafeteria on September 13 from 6:30 – 9:00PM. This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the formation of the VHCA, and we have some special events planned. 

Celebration, song, coffee and dessert

Inman Middle School and Springdale Park Elementary (SPARK's) Advanced Choruses will perform. We've invited past board members to attend and be recognized, and we'll give out grants as we do every year. San Francisco Coffee will have coffee and dessert available for purchase.

All residents of Virginia-Highland are encouraged to attend and – if you're not already – become involved in your Neighborhood Association.

Past Board members please note

Please contact us at if you are a past board member planning to attend so that we can be sure to recognize you. Look for a more detailed agenda and reminder next week, and please plan to attend.

Election of the 2012-2013 Board

The nominating committee of the VHCA has presented a list of candidates, all of whom have declared their candidacy.

Members of the association (18 years of age residing within the official boundaries of Virginia-Highland) may vote at the meeting. In order to vote, please bring a copy of a valid ID (GA driver’s license, e.g.) or a utility bill issued within 60 days of the meeting and showing your name and address.

Absentee ballots

Members may also vote by absentee ballot. Your ballot along with a copy of one of the forms of identification mentioned above may be delivered to the offices of Tailfin Marketing (1246 Virginia Ave) by noon on Thursday, September 13th or to the Annual Meeting by its start time at 6:30 PM. Please put your ballot in a sealed envelope with the identification documents separately sealed inside or stapled to the outside. (Please cross out specific account or driver license numbers.) After your residency is verified, the identification documents will be removed and destroyed. Your ballot will remain anonymous.

Proposed bylaw revisions

Revisions to VHCA bylaws are proposed for the membership's consideration (and potential adoption) at the meeting. Here (again) are links to:

  1. the existing bylaws;
  2. the proposed new bylaws, for the membership's consideration (and potential adoption) at our Annual General Meeting on September 13th at Inman Middle School; and
  3. some explanations and commentary on the changes by their primary authors, board members Genny Ferrero and Jack White.

Full Agenda

  • Call to Order and Welcome
  • Intro of Choirs
    • Inman Middle School Chorus – Chorus Director, Stacey Tanner
    • SPARK Advanced Chorus –– Chorus Director, Brianne Turgeon – accompanied by Jenna Mobley on the banjo
  • 40th Anniversary Opening Remarks
  • History of Virginia-Highland Video
  • Intro and Recognition of Past Board Members
    • Remarks by Joseph Drolet
  • Recognition of Guests
  • Community Service Recognition
  • Nomination Committee
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Grant Awards
  • New Business
  • Closing & Adjournment

Thanks to:

  • Jenna Mobley – Photography
  • Twelve – Flowers
  • San Francisco Coffee

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