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Jack Boys Guilty!!!!

Just in case there is someone who does not yet know that this loose-knit gang that terrorized the east side of Atlanta in the fall of 2010, culminating in the murder of Charles Boyer on Virginia Avenue on 11/22/2010, has gone through a trial and was found guilty of many, many charges – this will serve as notice. Thanx to Fulton County ADA Lance Cross for presenting an excellent case to the jurors – all of Atlanta owes him a resounding round of applause. The final story at A nice positive tv report on Fox5 followed the guilty verdict at  The sentencing hearing will be within the next 30 days and I will announce this as soon as I am told of the date and time on the neighborhood message boards.

A Neighborhood Cleanup on Saturday 10/20

Keep Virginia Highland Beautiful has announced a cleanup session for the St. Charles/North Highland Avenues business node for this day. Meet at the parking lot at this corner at 8 a.m. for a four hour session and then be treated to a Surin lunch at noon.  We could still use some more adults to supervise the teenaged volunteers. Sign up at This is an excellent example of the “broken window” theory of crime prevention – a clean, neat and orderly neighborhood signifies that folks who live and work there do care.

Two Nice Neighborhood Stories

A nice AJC Real Estate section story about new home-owner residents on Glen Arden Way, who mention the neighborly feel of this street. This is due in part to the leadership of Glen Arden Street Captain Laurie Harris.

The second tale is about Clemont Drive Street Captain Lisa Keyes finding a pile of papers along her street and instead of just ignoring them – Lisa took the time to do an internet search for the owner. The owner stated to Lisa that her car had been stolen in Decatur and evidently the thieves had dumped the glove box contents on Clemont.

The following reports have been gleaned from the APD Zone 6 (  crime stats for the 2012 weeks of 37 and 38 (9/9 – 9/22) with emphasis on our VaHi Beat 601, but with news from around the Zone as it applies to us.  Again, I state these reports are not meant to scare anyone, but to make you aware of what happens around us everyday and to raise your level of alertness and awareness.

Aggravate Assault  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Auto Theft  –  A motorcycle was stolen from Barnett Street.  Cars were stolen from Monroe Drive and Virginia Avenue, and a botched attempt was reported from PDL Avenue.

Auto Theft Recovery  –  No such reported findings in Beat 601

Commercial Burglary  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Residential Burglary  –  A Virginia Avenue apartment was entered via a 2nd floor porch and prescription medications were taken.

Commercial Robbery  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Residential Robbery  –  A female Greenwood Avenue apartment resident reported that 3 males with a handgun pushed their way in demanding money – but she had none.  No physical injuries reported.

Larceny From Vehicle  –  Vehicles were entered on Greenwood Avenue, North Highland Avenue, PDL Avenue, St. Charles Avenue, and Virginia Avenue (2).

Larceny Other  –  The tip jar was taken from Yogli Mogli on North Highland Avenue.  A laptop left at a Virginia Avenue neighbor’s house was taken after the neighbor left home.  (OK – I did not understand this narrative report either).

Elsewhere in the Zone – at the El Azteca restaurant on PDL Avenue a patron paid a $145 bill with a stolen credit card and fled.  Our PDL Avenue Kroger and Publix stores caught 4 shoplifters.  The Edgewood Retail District Target store caught 3 non-payers.  An unwatched cell phone was taken from a Masquerade concert goer, an unwatched purse was taken at a Carroll Street restaurant in Cabbagetown, and a cell phone was snatched from a victim at a Kirkwood park.

And yet another story of this oft-used ruse – at an unnamed Edgewood Avenue store 2 young b/m came in posing as Grady High School students asking for a donation for school uniforms and while the unsuspecting victim was in the process of getting some money for them the “students” fled with his I-phone.  Do not fall for this story – Grady does not send out kids asking for “donations” so I have been told.

Pedestrian Robbery  –  On 9/19 at about 7:30 p.m. a PDL Terrace resident was standing in her driveway when she noticed a white sedan with 3 b/m inside driving back and forth on the street, then the car stopped and one male exited and asked to use her phone.  The victim stated “no” and he pointed a handgun at her, grabbed the phone and they all fled in the car.  Major Meadows told me that as of 10/16 this investigation is still ongoing.

Nearby, at the Ford Factory Square parking lot on PDL Avenue on 9/22 at 7:30 a.m. a female pedestrian passed two males who then turned behind her striking her to the ground – they kicked her, grabbed her purse and fled on foot.  The victim was taken to ATL Medical Center – no report as to her injuries.

Stay alert. keep your parked cars cleaned out of all items and enjoy this fabulous fall weather while it is here.

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