Voice – August 2012 – The VH/Morningside Parent Association: A Valuable Community Resource

The Virginia-Highland Morningside Parent Association (VHMPA) provides a link between the parents of these respective neighborhoods for the sharing of parental interests and concerns and to provide information, activities and support that enhance the members’ child-rearing efforts. The VHMPA communicates to its membership by publishing a monthly newsletter and operates an email network to facilitate information sharing among members. Currently, the VHMPA has more than 900  members.

Among the many VHMPA services are:

  • supports local events with volunteers;
  • provides a sales platform for household goods and other items;
  • facilitates the exchange of information on community services and resources;
  • organizes social events;
  • partners with local businesses (restaurants, etc.);
  • financially supports local schools;
  • organizes playgroups;
  • serves as a neighborhood security exchange.

Participation in the VHMPA requires residence in the Virginia-Highland or Morningside/Lenox Park neighborhoods. Dues for participation are $20 annually. For further information go to www.vhmpa.com.


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