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by Brian Gross, Communications chair

Welcome to the new monthly online edition of the Voice, which will bring you a tailored, relevant selection of articles each month direct to your inbox. The online Voice  complements our “regular” email updates, which are sent ad-hoc as needed, generally about twice a month in addition to the Voice.

If you wish to print a PDF version of this Voice, please click here. You can also comment on articles on the website and read others’ comments — see below. Brent Schnee (editor@vahi.org) is the content editor for the online Voice and Brian Gross (me, communications@vahi.org) is production editor.

In addition to the online edition, the VHCA will be publishing a print version of the Voice twice this year, once in advance of Summerfest and once in advance of Tour of Homes. Later this year the association Board will assess how and if it will continue with printed editions.

Finally, we’re so excited to announce that the VHCA website, www.vahi.org has a completely new look, vastly expanded content, and is much easier to navigate. New content includes expanded News and Events content, new sections for Safety, Sidewalks, and Traffic, an A-Z of government services, and a Photo Gallery. The history and preservation content is being pulled over from the lovevh.org site and will be vastly expanded, but you can already download the entire 11-part series on VaHi history by Linda Merrill. There are even specially tailored versions for smartphones (whether you use an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android) and even for iPad!


www.vahi.org new website — click to enlarge

VHCA site on iPhone and iPad — click to enlarge

Many thanks to Ida Centner of Centner Consulting for creating the “bones” of the site, and to Phuong Nguyen of Creative Crop for the design.

We hope that our new trio of electronic media will provide the information that you, our audience, truly are looking for, with the timeliness and ease of access that best serves you.

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