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Garnish and Gather LogoWe’ve all been there – you’ve worked all day only to come home and realize you have no idea what you’re doing for dinner. You might just whip up the same old thing, go for a frozen meal or head back out into traffic in search of food.

Finished Meal 1Now picture another scenario – you arrive home to a bag full of all the raw ingredients, in exactly the right amounts, to make a locally sourced, home-cooked meal from a recipe written by an Atlanta chef. All you need at home is oil, salt and pepper. With Garnish & Gather, you can do just that!

Ingredients 1The ingredients in Garnish & Gather’s meals are all sourced from local farmers around the Atlanta area. The farms are even listed on the packaging, telling a story and reconnecting you with your food and your community. The ingredients are harvested within days of delivery, ensuring they are packed with flavor and nutrients.

A team of Atlanta chefs creates unique and delicious recipes for Garnish & Gather based on what’s in season. Each recipe is easy to follow and allows you to learn about new flavors and cooking techniques.

Finished Meal 2 “Our goal is to reconnect people with their food, their farms and their kitchens,” explains Emily Golub, founder of Garnish & Gather. “We want people to rediscover the art of cooking and spend more time reconnecting with friends and family over a shared meal.”

The meals even come with a table topic suggestion to get the conversation going at the dinner table.

BagGarnish & Gather doesn’t just offer a dinnertime solution – they will also deliver groceries! Their Local Market <> features the freshest local foods in Atlanta, like Carlton Farms eggs, H&F Bread, sweet treats from The Little Tart, pasture raised chicken and more! They even have locally made dog treats from Big Daddy Biscuits! You can get your groceries delivered with your meals each week.

Even better, they have pick up locations in our neck of the woods at Midtown Cook’s Warehouse and Highland Fine Wine. They post wine pairings before delivery every week so you can pick up the perfect bottle of wine to go with those delicious meals!

So whether you’re looking to eat healthier, support local farmers or get more variety in your weeknights, Garnish & Gather is here to make dinner simple again. Enjoy 20% off your first meal! Simply use the offer code “VaHi” at checkout at

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