CINS (Council of Intown Neighborhoods and Schools)

Upcoming CINS (Council of Intown Neighborhoods and Schools) Meetings

What: APS’ Human Resources – Hiring, Staffing, Leveling and Professional Development

When: December 12, 2012 – Noon

Where: Springdale Park Elementary School, 1246 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30306

What: 2013 Legislative Agenda for Education

When: January 16, 2013 – 7:00 pm

Where: Centennial Place Elementary School, 531 Luckie Street, Atlanta, GA 30313

Voice – Spring 1991

Download PDF(part 1, pages 1–10, 6.4 MB)
Download PDF (part 2, pages 11–20, 5.0 MB)

In part one:
- A VaHi pioneer (Richard C. Todd) and his legacy to this neighborhood, by Jeni Evans
- Franklin Garrett speaks at March meeting. He will be presenting a history of the Virginia-Highland neighborhood.
- Being a security-conscious neighbor, by Ken Lavine, VHCA public safety co-chair
- Grady students speak out: Essays by Grady 9th and 10th graders on homelessness, war and other current issues
- The VOICE – ten years ago, by Beth Marks
- Variances and how to get one, by Steve Jagger
- Inman Middle School, by Ellen England and Janice Giddens
- New playhouse at library
- Good neighbor policy, by Kathy Couch
- St. Patrick’s Day 5K race, by Doug Sligh
- About the Ponce de Leon Task Force survey

In part two:
- Ponce de Leon Task Force survey form
- Inman wants more tutors
- CINS awards mini-grants to area teachers, by Laurie Del Martin
- Grady High School news, by Laurie Del Martin
- Help support CINS when you get your emmision test
- Top sellers at Morningside Elementary gift wrap sale
- And the pick-up goes on…recycling in 1991! By Nan Hunter
- Help for the Highland homeowner, by Virginia Temple
- Be on the lookout for the “ACORN” man!

Voice – Winter 1990

Download PDF (3.1 MB)

- Neighbor profile: Foot patrolman Officer Chris Clark, by Beth Marks
- Ponce de Leon task force to speak at December meeting
- Historic preservation presentation update, by Burn Sears
- Front porch living, by Yvette Weatherly
- Holiday entertaining like a pro, by Shelley Pedersen, director of catering at Murphy’s
- Historic designation – what is means to you
- John Howell Park update (by Jerry Bright) and events (by the L.A.M.P. project)
- Historic designation survey form
- Outline of City zoning preservation ordinance
- Council of Intown Neighborhoods and Schools (CINS), by Barbara Van Dyke
- Grady students to author VOICE articles
- Morningside Elementary volunteers
- Inman needs tutors too
- Recycling, it’s habit forming, by Nan Hunter
- The road that was almost built (Georgia 400/I-485), by Warren Pritchard with Charles Longley
- Building permits, by Steve Jagger
- Ponce de Leon Task Force gains momentum in reaching for a consensus
- Interview with Chief Eldrin Bell, by V. Evans
- Personal safety (reprinted from ProTech Security Systems newsletter)

Voice – Summer 1990

Download PDF (2.7 MB)

- Meet with the Police about forming a PAC (Partnership against Crime)
- Neighbor profile: Joyce Gross, VHCAA head of public safety
- The VOICE says fight crime
- VOICE mission statement
- Summerfest 1990
- Preservation update, by Nina Gentry
- Council of Intown Neighbors and Schools (CINS), by Barbara Van Dyke
- Ponce de Leon taskforce, by Susan Carroll
- VaHi’s annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K Road Race
- The Voice wants to announce the results of your efforts to thwart crime (streets with neighborhood watches)
-Things are picking up: the sequel (recycling), by Nan Hunter
- VaHi color: Mark Draper and Mother’s Tire Company, by Warren Pritchard
- The YWCA comes to VaHi
- What VaHi merchants are doing to deter crime

Voice – Spring 1990

- Preservationists Karin Huebner (Urban Design Atlanta) and Ann Farrisee (Atlanta Preservation Center) to speak March 7th
- Profile of Nyna Gentry, chairman VHCA Preservation Committee and St. Charles Greenwood rep
- The VOICE says “Preservation”
- VaHi: Atlanta’s bungalow neighborhood, by Tim Crimmins
- More of everything at the new VaHi library, by Kathy Couch
- Support your neighborhood schools – CINS, by Barbara Van Dyke
- John Howell Park, by Jerry Bright: sidewalk replacement
- VaHi’s annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K Road Race
- Things are picking up (recycling), by Nan Hunter
- Volleyball, heads up!
- A letter from Rep. Jim Martin (on privacy, abortion, state budget)
- No parking? By Burn Sears
- Crime stats for VaHi (beat 610)

Download PDF (2.1 MB)

Voice – Winter 1989

Download PDF (1.2 MB)

- Adair Ave. residents led by Nan Hunter help raise awareness of recycling
- Voice starts publishing again after two year hiatus
- Council of Intown neighborhoods and schools (CINS), by Barbara Van Dyke
- First annual VaHi Christmas 5K run
- Update on John Howell Park: parkland dedicated, within City parks system, plan being developed
- Preserving VaHi’s character; possible historic district designation
- Wanted: nosy neighbors: neighborhood watch, SCGNA enters into PAC with police Zone
- Report from Highland View neighborhood watch