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Photo credit Peggy Berg

Photo credit Peggy Berg

Recent sightings around the neighborhood indicate Virginia-Highland may be under siege by farm animals.

Last week, a herd of non-resident goats arrived on Hudson Dr., settling in Sara Zeigler’s and Phil Amon’s backyard. It had been rumored on the BackDoor VaHi website that the Capra aegagrus hircus (or is that hircae?) were seeking to synch up with resident domestic chickens, thought to be poultry insiders in the plot. The Voice has verified there’s no truth to the rumor that the Intown ACE Hardware coop was where the plot was…(we’re so sorry) hatched.

Photo credit Kay Stephenson

Photo credit Kay Stephenson

Neighbors watched with anxious concern as the goats feasted on invasive plants at the rear of the yard, gaining strength after their long journey for what would presumably be an all-out assault on the neighborhood. Concern turned to mild panic last weekend when the herd left Zeigler’s and Amon’s backyard, worked its way through a condo property and emerged onto Rosedale Dr. where it headed east.

Fearing the goats were destined for a rendezvous with reinforcements, residents contacted FBAC which was was rumored to be considering a limited military response. Fortunately, a group of valiant Rosedale residents took quick action, and the herd was returned peacefully to the security of Zeigler’s and Amon’s backyard.

Just as things were calming down on Hudson Dr., The Voice received a report of an unidentified, non-resident bovine on Lanier Blvd.

Photo credit Leslie Line

Photo credit Leslie Line

Leslie Line works in VaHi. She sent us a picture of what appeared to be a large Holstein – in desperate need of milking – grazing in a flowerbed on Lanier near Avalon Place.

Was this just a livestock coincidence? Was this bovine a refugee from a Chik-Fil-A commercial? Who will dare to milk this dairy cow? We knew inquiring minds would want answers to these questions.

DSC_0132Voice reporters rushed to the scene where we found the bovine a prisoner of war, chained securely at the left rear ankle to a front porch railing. We also discovered VHCow – as Ms. Line dubbed her – was made entirely of ceramic material. Our level of suspicion and concern immediately increased.

These recent developments have some VaHi residents worried about future such incursions.

“What’s next – pigs in John Howell Park?” asked concerned Rupley Rd. resident Bob Coomes.

The Voice has reached out to both homeowners for comment. We’ll update you when we have more information.

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