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Ga. Power Co.
Blasting Notification & Work Plan
Virginia Avenue SubstationHere are the addresses contacted and schedule related to blasting activities at Va. Ave.

Owen Searcy, Construction Manager – Metro Projects

Cell Phone – 678-628-2913
LINC Phone – 404-473-5697

June 12, 2007

  • Survey letters will be sent by Seismic Imaging to the 12 residents & Apartment Manager
    1. 889 Ponce De Leon Place
    2. 895 Ponce De Leon Place
    3. 899 Ponce De Leon Place
    4. 903 Ponce De Leon Place
    5. 907 Ponce De Leon Place
    6. 921 Ponce De Leon Place
    7. 925 Ponce De Leon Place
    8. 890 Ponce De Leon Place
    9. 929 Ponce De Leon Place
    10. 930 Ponce De Leon Place
    11. 933 Ponce De Leon Place
    12. 729 Virginia Circle
    13. 609 Virginia Avenue – Virginia Highland Apartment Homes

June 18, 2007

  • A second letter will be sent to the homeowners who have not responded

July 2, 2007 – July 6, 2007

  • John D. Stephens will not be working.Other work will be taking place on site during this time.

July 9, 2007

  • Seismic Imaging will have completed all surveys requested
  • Drilling will begin on site for blast preparation

July 10, 2007

  • Scheduled to begin blasting; tentative on shot per day
  • Dates could shift up or back by one day depending on equipment mobilization

July 20, 2007

  • Scheduled to complete blasting

2007-06-13: Blasting on Virginia Avenue Q & A

1) Why is blasting necessary?
Answer: To install the 96” sewer line.We have examined several options including removing rock using hoe-rams.Hoe-rams are extremely noisy, cause excessive vibration, dust and could take 4-6 weeks to remove rock.Blasting the rock is the best option for the location.

2) Who will be doing the blasting?
Answer: John D. Stephens Inc. is the licensed contractor performing the work for Georgia Power Company.

3) When will the blasting begin?
Answer: Blasting will begin once all pre-blast surveys are completed of the responding homeowners.

4) How long will the blasting take?
Answer: Blasting will take approximately two weeks to complete.

5) What is a pre-blast survey?
Answer: A pre-blast survey documents the existing conditions of the property and includes notes and digital photographs of some of the flaws (cracks and material separations) already existing in a structure.The survey is free of charge to the homeowner.

6) Will pictures be taken of my home before blasting?
Answer: Yes.This is a part of the pre-blast survey.

7) Will I be able to get copies of the pre-blast survey and pictures?
Answer: Yes.Copies of the survey notes and pictures of your property can be provided to you by Seismic Imaging, if requested.

8} Must I have my home surveyed?
Answer: No.This is a service offered to the homeowner should a claim arise.

9) Who will be notified about the blasting?
Answer: State of Georgia Law does not require any notification.The contractor’s policy is to conduct a pre-blast survey on structures within a 200’ radius.Georgia Power understands the importance of home ownership and has requested that the contractor expand their notification and offer the pre-blast survey to structures within a 300’ radius.Georgia Power has also provided this information regarding the blasting to the Virginia Highlands Civic Association (VHCA) to post on their web site.

10) How many homes will be offered pre-blasting surveys?
Answer: There are approximately 10 single-family homes, plus the apartment complex that the contractor has identified to contact.

***Seismic Imaging contacted the apartment complex’s management office.The company was informed to contact upper management regarding how to proceed.The type of lease each tenant signed determines whether or not management can enter the tenant’s apartments without notification.

11) Will I receive a notification of the pre-blast survey?
Answer: If your residence is within the 300’ radius, you will receive notification in the mail from Seismic Imaging, Inc.You must follow the instructions they include in their notification for scheduling the pre-blast survey.A typical residential survey takes about 2 ½ hours to complete but it depends on the size, age and general condition of the structure.

12) Who will conduct the monitoring?
Answer: Seismic Imaging, the independent vibration monitoring company conducting the pre-blast survey/inspection will also conduct the monitoring.

13) Why do you monitor the blast?
Answer: The State of Georgia Law requires vibration monitoring at the nearest occupied structure within 750’.Georgia Power has requested the contractor monitor a minimum of four locations.

14) How did you determine the 750 feet?
Answer: The 750’ radius was measured from the northern & southern most end of the new retaining wall along a line where the new 96” sewer is being installed.

15) How will they monitor the blast?
Answer: Seismic Imaging’s personnel will use portable seismographs as required by state regulations to monitor the blast and document any vibration and air overpressure (noise).

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