Crime reports

The following reports are gleaned from our Zone 6 crime stats for the weeks of 36 and 37 of 2011, with emphasis on our VaHi Beat 603, but with news from around the Zone as it applies to us. These reports are not meant to scare anyone – but to make you aware of what happens around us everyday.

Aggravated Assault – No reports from Beat 603

Auto Theft – Vehicles were stolen from Virginia Avenue, North Highland Avenue (2), Lanier Boulevard, Rosedale Drive, and an unchained scooter was taken from Virginia Avenue.

Auto Theft Recovery – No reports from Beat 603

Residential Burglary – A North Highland Avenue apartment was entered with no signs of forced entry. The resident advised that the door had been left unlocked.

Commercial Burglary – No reports from Beat 603

Larceny From Vehicle – Vehicles were broken into on PDL Avenue (4), Briarcliff Place (3), Virginia Avenue (2) and PDL Place. Of these 10 reports, 9 of the vehicle owners were from outside of Beat 603 – with only one resident being careless in leaving articles in view for stealing.

All over the Zone in this time period, one catalytic converter was sawed off, amazingly enough only 2 GPS systems stolen, eleven laptops taken, and once again there was one report of nothing taken after an intrusion.

Larceny Other – A Monroe Drive resident reported medications and cash taken by a suspected acquaintance. A Briarcliff Terrace resident reported cash taken by a boyfriend (ex-boyfriend now I would assume).

The Edgewood Target store caught 6 shoplifters and a pet dog was picked up by a thief posing as the owner at the Edgewood Petco store. A/C units continue to be stolen all over the Zone for the copper parts – especially from empty residences.

Residential Robbery – No reports from Beat 603

Commercial Robbery – No reports from Beat 603

Pedestrian Robbery – No reports from Beat 603

But in Beat 609 south of here on Moreland Avenue at an ATM at 11 p.m. a robber approached the victim with a knife and demanded his cash and got $22 – but an alert bystander witness pulled out his weapon to thwart the theft and an arrest was made. Is it really worth the risk of using an ATM late at nite?

Enjoy this wonderful fall weather and all the festivals coming up. Stay alert and remember to clean out parked cars at ALL times.

See Something – Say Something!!! Keep making those suspicious activity/persons 911 calls. We all have an obligation to look out for each other.


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