Orme Park Bridge Cleanup

Our diligent VaHi graffiti czar, Laura Voisinet, has announced a graffiti paintover under the bridge to be held Monday 9/26 from 5:30 til dark. Laura also wants to clean out the underbrush from this area – so wear old clothes, bring along your gloves along with pruners to help in this effort to produce a safer environment at the edge of this very popular park. Cleaning out the brush in this area will make it a less hospitable place for local teens to gather. Please send a RSVP to Laura at laura.voisinet@gmail.com if you can participate so she will have plenty of paint rollers and other supplies available. APD has responded to my requests for additional patrol checks under the bridge and the under-the-bridge gatherings seem to have greatly tapered off.

Residents of this immediate area and park users have a very obvious obligation to help keep this area safe and clean – so please support Laura in her efforts. This is all a vital part of the “broken window” theory of crime prevention.


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