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The following crime stats are gleaned from the Zone 6 reports for the weeks 47 and 48 of 2009. with emphasis on our local Beat # 603, but with news from around the Zone as it applies to us. These reports are not meant to scare anyone – but to alert you as to what happens around us everyday, allow you to learn from the mistakes of others, and to give you a chance to alter your everyday activities to avoid becoming a victim.

Aggravated Assault – At the Room Service Lounge on Piedmont Circle, an argument between two patrons resulted in one throwing a glass at the other. This is the establishment that told us at NPU when they were applying for their liquor license they were going to be a “family restaurant”. At the Wendy’s restaurant on Piedmont Road a patron was stabbed with a screwdriver due to a bad domestic situation.

Auto Theft – Vehicles were stolen from North Highland Avenue, Highland View and Elmwood Drive. The Elmwood vehicle was found by the victims at a drive-in restaurant on PDL Avenue in Zone 5.

Residential Burglary – At a Briarcliff Road apartment, the intended victim found the perp trying to pull the screen away from her window – she scared him away and he fled. A laptop was stolen from an apartment in the Briarcliff Summit building – the resident saw the perp leaving, but he escaped.

Commercial Burglary – 5 units at the storage facility on Monroe Drive were entered, and 3 units at the same type of business on Cheshire Bridge Road were entered. The self-storage facility on Kanuga Street also had an unlawful entry into a unit. The North Highland Pub was entered via a smashed front window. The Carter Center lost landscaping equipment from a broken into storage shed. The BlaBla clothing store on Virginia Avenue was entered through a damaged front door.

Commercial Robbery – At the Ben & Jerry’s store on North Highland Avenue at 10:30 p.m. on 11/18, the manager was approached on the sidewalk by 2 armed b/m as he was closing – they forced him back into the store, and forced him to open the safe. I hate to hear of this happening to such a nice neighbor and am glad he was not hurt. Business owners take heed – opening and closing times are when you are very vulnerable.

Larceny From Auto – Vehicles were broken into on Amsterdam Avenue, Arlington Place, Briarcliff Place (4), Lanier Boulevard, North Highland Avenue (2), Virginia Avenue (3), Barnett Street (3), Greenwood Avenue, Park Drive (2), PDL Avenue (2), Los Angeles Avenue (2) One Los Angeles Avenue case was cleared up when the perp was stopped for walking in the street – upon questioning the officer found out the perp had hidden the stolen goods at a house on Virginia Avenue where he had been earlier raking leaves. Out of these 22 incidents in just 2 weeks, 16 of the vehicle owners were from outside the neighborhood. Not exactly good P.R. for VaHi. Please continue to warn visitors their vehicles are at high risk if they leave visible items in their cars!!!
All around Zone 6 in this time period, there were THIRTEEN GPS systems stolen, 4 license plates taken off, and 4 in-dash radios ripped out. One of the Briarcliff Place thefts involved taking the hubcaps. There was also a driveshaft taken off a vehicle south of here. The most unusual theft was a dozen eggs. There were also 4 break-ins reported where nothing was taken – go figure.

Larceny Other – A weedeater was taken from a landscaper’s truck in Morningside. Bar patrons on North Highland Avenue and PDL Avenue lost unwatched purses. Front porch package thefts were reported from Highland View and Virginia Circle – I wonder how many more of these thefts occurred and were never reported??? Green’s Liquor Store caught a shoplifter. An unwatched purse was taken from a shopping cart at the Edgewood Target. At a Highland View party – a guest lost his coat and its contents. A North Morningside Drive resident gave her key to a neighbor so he could do some repair work at her house while she was away. She came home to find items missing and the neighbor had moved away. At the CVS on North Highland Avenue at 8 a.m on 11/26. a w/m took a 15″ tv set, then at 7:15 p.m. the same day, the CVS at Ansley lost 2 15″ tv sets also to a w/m whose description and get-away vehicle was similar to the first perp. I guess there were at least 3 tv sets for sale on Boulevard that day.

Pedestrian Robbery – A female resident of the Briarcliff Summit building was robbed of a grocery item from her cart in the lobby area. And here is yet another bank parking lot incident. At 9 p.m. at the Wachovia ATM on Glenwood Avenue in East Atlanta – the victim was robbed of his withdrawal at gunpoint.

Be alert, be aware and have a safe holiday season!!