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In an attempt to help stem the continuing flood of car break-ins that plagues our neighborhood, I have arranged with Rapid Sign Systems at Ford Factory Square to print up banners as a reminder to both local and visiting vehicle drivers to clean out their cars before parking in our local lots and streets. The attachment is the basic design for the banner, the first of which will soon be going up at the California Auto Buff location at Virginia and North Highland Avenues. I now challenge the rest of our local businesses to order and install these in their parking lots -mindful that the customer who leaves their restaurant/bar/or retail store to find their car broken into may just very well be a customer who never returns. The price for the 3X8 size is $100 and the 3X6 size is $80.

The lead line could be changed to use your business name if you prefer. This could be a very worthwhile investment in the continuing success of your business. These will also be very useful in residential parking lots of apartment and condo buildings. These banners need to be seen all along PDL Avenue, North Highland Avenue, Virginia Avenue, PDL Place, and Monroe Drive in our many commercial area parking areas. The banners are printed on heavy vinyl complete with grommet holes for hanging. I searched our Atlanta sign ordinances and these seem to be permitted as long as they are on private property and are not obstructing anything. Rapid Sign’s phone number is 404-874-0010 if you have questions about ordering.

One of our Street Captains has also suggested yard signs with the same sort of message to place along residential streets where our visitors park. This is a terrific idea, and may well be the second prong of this campaign – we will need to find a method of funding though.

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