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Orange_Logo_smallEditor’s Note: We’re passing along the following from our friends at the 5Arts FEST. This festival is not affiliated with the VHCA or Summerfest, but we support organizers in their efforts to bring this first-year festival in a neighboring community to life.

On September 6th the inaugural 5Arts FEST will take place in Little Five Points. Organizers are looking for volunteers for the event and they’re hoping some Summerfest veterans out there might want to help out.

The 5Arts FEST will be an interactive activities festival celebrating the five ‘arenas’ of art: literary, visual, performing, recording, and arts & crafts. Each arena of art will have its own theme and immersive crowd participation activities, in addition to wonderful displays of artistry by partners like the Center for Puppetry Arts, The Pirates Guild of Atlanta, The Workshop and a collaboration of high energy circus performers.

The 5Arts FEST is expected to attract several thousand participants and the experience and generosity of experienced volunteers is needed. Whether it’s checking in vendors or artists, providing information and directions to festival- goers, or assisting in specific art arenas, organizers are hopeful many Summerfest veterans will want to be a part of this wonderful new annual event.

To register to volunteer please visit the festival’s volunteer page or sign-up at their VolunteerSpot page. For more information contact volunteer coordinator Tineka Salisbury at tsalisbury@5arts.org or call 844-695-2787, ext. 808.

Organizers are also seeking financial support for the festival. Attendance will be free to the public, but financial support for participating artists can be provided through a Kickstarter campaign. No amount is too small – there is actually a button to donate $1 and every donation helps. If the group doesn’t reach its goal, donors won’t be charged. Organizers thank you in advance for your support. To donate, click here.

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