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DSC_0024By: Jess Windham

Over the past year, the city has been revisiting each section – or subarea – of the BeltLine overlay district to review and update the underlying zoning. Virginia-Highland is in subarea 6, which – along with subareas 2 and 9 – is next on the list for this public review process.  To prepare for the discussion, Virginia-Highland Civic Association hosted a public meeting at Church of Our Savior on Wednesday July 30.

At this meeting, we learned from planner Aaron Fortner of Market+ Main that a primary goal of the process is to better define and identify reasonable and appropriate heights, land uses and densities within the Beltline overlay district. For example, our neighboring subarea 5 identified tracts where buildings should not be above 102’ tall, or where truck stops, park-for-hire decks and lots, and mixed-use storage would be inappropriate within the context of the surrounding tracts. It is important to note that all residential parcels for single or two-family homes (R-1 to R-5) are exempt and won’t change in this process.

Another consideration in the review process entails creating the groundwork for a vibrant, walkable retail space. Storefront streets and land tracts will be identified in the process where this kind of development will be encouraged. For example, once a building is 60% or more removed or destroyed, the proposed guidelines would provide that new buildings use higher quality building materials (i.e. not vinyl), install windows to comprise 65% or more of the building’s façade, and employ other design guidelines that result in pedestrian-friendly retail.

Through this review process, we are being provided an opportunity to shape the future of Virginia-Highland. This fall the Beltline will be hosting public meetings for input on our subarea 6 and we will do our best to publish the details of those meetings. In the meantime, if you are interested in participating in discussions relevant to this topic, please contact planning@vahi.org.

For additional background on this topic, please read our July 10th article.

Click here for a copy of the BeltLine’s Subarea 6 plan.

Click here for current zoning designation maps for Virginia-Highland.

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