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Virginia‐Highland Civic Association Board Meeting
January 9, 2012
Ponce de Leon Library

Mr. White called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were board members Peggy Berg, Lola Carlisle, Frazier Dworet, Genny Ferrero, Lauren Wilkes Fralick, Brian Gross, Pamela Papner, Jack White, and David Wolfson. Absent with notice was Lauren Wilkes Fralick, who is working, and Nicole Foerschler‐Horn, who is attending the Atlanta Board of Education meeting and will be here as soon as possible.. Rob Glancy texted just prior to the meeting to announce he was running late.


The attached agenda (labeled “Addendum 1”) was approved without objection.


The following items were approved

  • Minutes of the VHCA BoD meeting of November 14, 2011 and December 12, 2011
  • Actions of the board relative to school redistricting process taken by email on December 20, 2011 and December 30, 2011.


There was no old business.


Officer Bruce of the APD reported that crime was down from the similar period last year in all categories except auto theft, which was up slightly.


There were no city or elected officials present.


Ann Guy reported a very successful Tour with record revenues, bolstered by record sponsorship revenues and brilliant weather that also produced record eventday sales. She noted that most members are retiring after many years of service, but are willing to help train and guide what will be a substantially new committee in 2012 that – she observed ‐ “will have its hands full”. In recognition of this group’s many years of service, Ms. Carlisle presented thank‐you gifts from the association to Ms. Guy and her co‐members Eleanor Barrineau, Cindy Kaufman, Charlie Lefort, and Mandy Robertson.


Intown Road Race This item was deferred until later in the meeting so that Rob Glancy would have additional time to arrive. ING Marathon & Half‐Marathon Danielle Puckerin of US Road Sports reported on the return of the ING Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, 3‐18‐12. A number of streets will have lane closures; Park Drive and N. Highland will be closed entirely from approximately 7 to 9:30 AM. Ms. Puckerin said she would address concerns about long‐lasting paint being used to mark streets along the route. Reminders will be sent to residents approx. 3 weeks before; more information is available at georgiamarathon.com


There were no variance applications. Ms. Carlisle reported that the Planning Committee is arranging a presentation on the NC code by Aaron Fortner, who helped write both the original law when he worked with the CoA Planning Department and was part of the development of Viriginia‐Highland’s specific regulations in 2007 and 2008. Though this meeting is focused on the needs of the Planning Committee, the VHCA Board and public are invited. It is tentatively scheduled for January 20th, but it may be rescheduled. If it is, the new date will be advertised.

Mr. Gross reported that his committee is developing a content plan for the new electronic Voice and weekly updates and a plan and rate schedule for advertising in both. The new website may be a week later than anticipated in getting going, but mid‐February remains the target date.

Summerfest & New Highland Park
Ms. Papner reported that the construction plans for New Highland Park have been submitted to the city and that ‐ assuming approval ‐ construction is anticipated for February or March, assuming approval. Summerfest organization is beginning: Ms. Papner and Ms. Guy will return as co‐chairs, and new members are being recruited.


Mr. White reported that Rob Glancy had submitted his resignation as Chair of the Parks Committee and that Ms. Wilkes had agreed to serve as co-chair with Mr. White. The appointment of Ms. Wilkes and Mr. White was moved and seconded and passed unanimously.


Pending the anticipated arrival of Ms. Foerschler‐Horn from the Atlanta Board of Education meeting, the meeting proceeded to a discussion and review of 2012’s Strategic Goals and budget, attached as Addendum B. (This discussion was bisected by Ms. Foerschler‐Horn’s arrival and report {below}, but it is summarized in one section here.) Committee chairs highlighted the main goals, and there was general discussion on the process and the desirability of letting the public review them. Ms. Papner and Ms. Guy suggested minor modifications to the estimated revenue totals for the 2012 Tour and Summerfest, respectively. Mr. Dworet pointed out that there was a substantial sum of unallocated revenue in the proposed budget that could be used for a variety of new and evolving needs as the year progressed. Mr. White observed that the process being used this year asked committee chairs to do some substantial development and costing of large projects before asking for budget support and noted that the board would be summarizing and reviewing each committee’s expenditures periodically through the year. After this discussion, Ms. Papner moved and Mr. Dworet seconded a motion to post the goals and budget as presented and operate under them pending further discussion and adoption of both, scheduled for the February meeting.


Mr. Foerschler-Horn reported selected developments from the Atlanta BoE meeting that she had just left. Over 50 public speakers signed up, including a sizable contingent from Springdale Elementary. The schools board’s demographers are still driving the process at this stage and are accepting feedback as they prepare their next set of proposals, which will feature either 2 or 3 sets of options; it is due by late January. She reviewed the overall dates and schedule – it has not changed – and urged that parents and citizens remain closely involved. We remain united around the points expressed in our our resolutions in December, particularly focused on our opposition to split-primary models, here and throughout the city.

After further discussion and a variety of questions from the audience, she concluded her presentation. Discussion then switched to the $20,000 line item in the proposed budget to support “Educational and Legal Research.” Mr. White noted that the money was intended to allow the board to take action in either category that would support helpful strategies that might achieve the best outcomes for students, depending on the developments and circumstances that presented as the process continued. The board supported without reservation all efforts of parents to work within the existing processes and will make its resources available in whatever way they may be best used on this topic ‐ including legal action ‐ that would be helpful. As mentioned, the meeting concluded with the remarks on strategic goals and budget summarized above and adjourned at 8:14.

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