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FBAC Expansion Plans

October 22, 2009

For the many, many folks in the southern half of VaHi that have asked for the off-duty patrol services and protection of the Fight Back Against Crime (FBAC) your wish has been granted. Tentatively set for December 1st, FBAC II will begin operation southward to PDL Avenue and the total group will then cover the…

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Neighborhood police patrol now has cell numbers

March 15, 2008

Neighborhood Police Patrol (note: number removed from archived news article 3/7/12 as this is no longer active) This is the cell phone number for access to our civic asociation sponsored off-duty police patrol while they are on duty. Their patrol hours are usually 10 p.m. til 2 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. This is…

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Voice Summer 2007 – Fight Back Against Crime helps keep VaHi streets safe

February 1, 2007

Download entire issue as PDF (4.3 MB)

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Voice – Winter 2004

November 1, 2004

Download as PDF (4.2 MB) – Find out how the Joneses live and support your community (Tour of Homes) – Civic Association award more than $40,000 to local organizations – Letter from the President, by Kevin Cronin (opposing Piedmont Park parking deck) – Orme Park drainage problems to be addressed – MARTA oughta to be…

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Voice – Spring 2002

March 1, 2002

Download as PDF (1.3 MB) – VHCA unveils new web site for the new year and years to come, by Gina Davis – PEDS update, by billie jo – Summerfest committee introduces new chair of the Summerfest Artists’ Market, by P.K. Trettel – President’s Address – Ask Officer Dave – Intown Women’s Group to host…

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