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Voice – Fall 2000

August 1, 2000

Download PDF (780 kB) Committee updates Summerfest Tree news Plans for 830 Ponce (“Paces on Ponce” – as of 2012 called “Carlton on Ponce”)

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Voice – Fall 1995

August 1, 1995

Download PDF (2.3 MB) – Summerfest ’95 – President’s Corner: city Zoning board did not issue exceptions to Cartel Properties to build a 27,000 ft2, 2000-patron restaurant/entertainment complex, the largest in the city, on the site of the Colgate Mattress warehouse at 712 Ponce de Leon Place. Access was only via 2-lane Ponce Place and…

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Voice – Summer 1995

May 1, 1995

Download PDF (2.5 MB) – Showtime again, Summerfest ’95 just around the corner, by Deborah Cox – Many thanks, Steve Jagger (profile of Steve Jagger) by Debbie Skoczynski – President’s corner: Storage facility at Virginia and Kanuga turned down, permit vetoed for “Hilan Billiards” at 800 N. Highland – Atkins Park thanks supporters of landscaping…

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Voice – Spring 1993

February 1, 1993

Download PDF (3.2 MB) – Property tax season: VaHi is on first list (of assessment mailings) to homeowners – Friend, board member (Ed Neal) passed away – President’s Corner: Summerfest success, DOT property on Ponce (now The Carlton condos, ed.) released, Murphy’s still in court – Bicycles Require Care, Maintenance, Year Round Many Adjustments will…

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Voice – Fall 1992

August 1, 1992

Download PDF (1.6 MB) – Annual meeting brings BIG crowd – The PATHway for bicycling – Ponce Task Force has new plan – School report by Joe Martin, Atlanta School Board – Recycle today, you can make the difference, by Nan Hunter – Summerfest ’92 a success! by Beth Marks – What are we doing…

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