Below are images and links to a number of fascinating historic maps in and around what is now Virginia-Highland:

Virginia-Highland Key Historic Subdivisions

This map gives a general idea of the key historic subdivisions and the approximate dates of their development. Click on the map for a larger version.



1890s‑ 1930s Virginia-Highland Historical Development Maps

Browsable collections of dozens of original plat maps from your section of Virginia-Highland.



1949 Aerial atlas of Atlanta
The intersection of Virginia and Highland is in the lower left of map 93; you can navigate from there. Use with care; the time will fly by. There's a great view of a tree-sparse Orme Park in the middle of map 80


1928 Topographic survey of Atlanta
Only the area from Virginia Ave and south is available.



1911 & 1920 Sanborn Fire Maps

  • 1920 (note two sections of VaHi have maps available)
  • 1911 (note only limited sections of VaHi were mapped)


1919 Birdseye map of Atlanta (15MB file)
(Virginia-Highland visible on far northeast horizon)


1892 Birdseye map of Atlanta (18MB file)
(Virginia-Highland not covered)


1878 City atlas
Note: does not cover what is today Virginia-Highland



1871 Birdseye map of Atlanta (13MB file)


Map of Annexations
Which areas were annexed to the City of Atlanta in which years?

Many 19th century maps of Atlanta are available here on Wikipedia. Visit our Historic Preservation Committee page for more.