1. Install a bike rack or two along the ROW on St. Charles Avenue.
  2. Consider planting a permanent tree in the park that can be used for holiday decorating.
  3. Continue with the routine pruning, planting and maintenance/upkeep of the park.
  4. Evaluate installing several rain barrels to provide water for annual plants/bulbs.
  5. In cooperation with the Social Committee, continue to explore, pursue and encourage varied public and/or private community uses and activities appropriate for the Park when and where this makes sense, while maintaining appropriate consideration of the Park’s neighbors. Examples could include (some to raise funds for the neighborhood; some to encourage community; some to add value to the perception of the Atkins Park node): small weddings, movies, barbecues, seasonal goods sales, menorah and tree lighting ceremony conducted during the holidays, etc.
  6. Implement utility box paintings.

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North Highland Park