Traffic and transportation

Proposed Improvements Traffic and Transportation Committee

The Traffic and Transportation Committee collects information about street and related concerns and needed repairs from neighborhood residents. The Committee works through these items with the City and facilitates improvements. Please bring any issues to the attention of Peggy Berg 404.512.9142

The May 2012 improvement list includes:

1. Crosswalks: Repaint along North Highland and on Virginia near Inman

2. Crosswalk pedestrian signs: Replace and anchor along North Highland

Street light in front of Yogli Mogli needs to be connected

3. Countdown signal with walk/don’t walk sign for pedestrians needed at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and Park Drive.

4. No Left Turn sign needed for Inman School at the parking lot exit

5. The intersections around Woody’s are dangerous. What can we do to make this safer? John Wolfinger and Sally Flocks.

6. Monroe Drive in between Park Drive and Eighth Street poses a significant safety problem and a plan for this stretch of road as well as Tenth Street from Monroe Drive to Charles Allen is needed.

7. Pedestrian signal needs repair at Monroe and Park

8. Stop signs at Rosedale Road and Rosedale Dr. have graffiti and need cleaning

9. Do Not Enter and On-Way signs at the Virginia and Highland triangle are tilted and need repair

10. Greencove Ave. needs repaving. It is severely potholed and broken, particularly at the dead-end of the street; a large hole on Clemont where it meets Greencove needs repair

11. Amsterdam Avenue from Monroe Drive to the Courtney Avenue intersection needs to be studied for conversion to one-side only parking on the northern side of Amsterdam Avenue

12. Virginia between GA Power Virginia Avenue office and Ponce de Leon Place along the playing field has a badly damaged and dangerous on the south side

13. From Virginia turning left into Murphy’s slip lane backs traffic up. Would a “no left turn” improve traffic flow?

14. Lanier turning from Los Angeles, is dangerous because of visibility impeded by parked cars. Would “no parking here to corner” signs on Lanier improve safety?

Open item:

Park Drive at Elkmont, two “no parking here to corner” signs will be moved away from the corner to improve visibility for drivers turning from Elkmont onto Park.

Latest Traffic and Transportation News

As of 4/18/12: Be the neighborhood’s eyes on the street. If you see missing or damaged street signs or traffic signs, or know of trouble spots on our streets that need the City’s attention, please let me know. I will look at the trouble spot and take it to the City if it requires Public Works attention. We take a list to the City every 3 to 4 months. Please send any issues or questions about streets to Peggy Berg,

1. Corner of Elkmont Drive and Park Drive – The neighbors would like the “No Parking Here to Corner” sign moved farther from the corner on Park south of Elkmont and a similar sign installed on Park north of Elkmont as recommended by Mr. McRae to improve visibility and safety at this intersection. We sent a second email out to the residents of both streets and all responses were positive to this solution. We are waiting for the City to implement the improvement.

2. Corner of Rosedale Drive and North Highland COMPLETE – The City removed the single parking space closest to Rosedale Drive on the SE and NE quadrants and shifted the related “no parking” sign. This space was painted in during the past couple of years and has created the dangerous left turn situation. Thanks to the DPW for the quick response.

3. Corner of Virginia and North Highland COMPLETE – The red “X” hanging from the traffic light has been augmented by a more effective “Left Turn Only” sign hanging over the left lane westbound, at the request of pedestrians with strollers.

4. Virginia at Rosedale Drive COMPLETE – This is a dangerous spot because Virginia has the right of way, but curves and continues Rosedale Drive. Drivers on Rosedale don’t necessarily know they don’t have the right of way, since they are going straight downhill, while drivers on Virginia don’t always know they have the right of way since the road turns. The City studied the situation and addressed the safety issue by painting double yellow lines around the Virginia curve and adding a stop sign eastbound (heading downhill) as Virginia becomes Rosedale Drive.

5. Lanier ON HOLD – Lanier has no stop signs and no speed humps so speed of traffic can sometimes be excessive. The City recommended against stop signs or speed humps in order to keep traffic moving through the neighborhood. However, if Lanier residents decide this is a critical issue, the City is open to solar powered radar speed signs like the one that MLPA bought and implemented with the City. This would require funding.

6. The following street sign issues were promptly repaired by the City COMPLETE:

  • Sign stolen from the corner of Rosedale Drive and North Highland, needs to be replaced
  • Sign stolen from the corner of Brookridge Drive and Los Angeles, needs to be replaced
  • Sign severely faded at the corner of Cooledge and Monroe; needs to be replaced
  • Sign needs repair at the corner of St. Louis and North Highland