VHCA Purchases Former Library Lots for New Park

The following article is copied from the web archive of Dec. 22, 2008 of the old VHCA website . (Editor, 8/22/2012)

On Thursday, December 4, 2008, the Virginia-Highland Civic Association (“VHCA”) closed on the purchase of the two lots adjacent to N. Highland Avenue at 1076 and 1082 St. Charles Place. These two lots are currently vacant (they are the site of the former public library), and the intention is to turn them into green space.

The financing was through the Georgia Land Conservation Revolving Loan Fund. Due to a recent change in this loan program (passed by the Georgia Legislature, effective July 1, 2008), non-governmental (non-profit) entities may now apply for low-cost financing, and the VHCA was the first non-profit in the State of Georgia to secure such funds under the new rules. The interest rate is 3%, and our loan term is 15 years. The VHCA will fund payments on the property until private (individual/ corporate/ grant) funds can be raised to pay off the loan. We must complete the design for the park by January 2010, and construction by January 2011.

The loan program includes a requirement that the financed project be one that pertains to land conservation, with a water quality benefit. The space will therefore be used for a passive park and “rain garden” – utilized for recreation, walking, community gathering and educational programs for the residents of Virginia-Highland… and what better location for a passive park than in the heart of Atkins Park!

A special “thank you” is extended to Sandy d’Aprile, who acted as real estate agent for the VHCA, without compensation, and to Paul Burks, VHCA Board Member, who did extensive legwork to support the VHCA’s application for financing to the Georgia Land Conservation Program. We now have over $800,000 to raise, to pay off the loan, so we need to get very busy and begin our fundraising efforts!!!


2008 Annual Board Meeting & Elections

Location: Inman Middle School cafeteria, 774 Virginia Ave

Police Update: Lt. Boyce (John Wolfinger to introduce)
Announcements Home Tour, etc.
City: Anne Fauver
New School: Susie Lazega/Mary Stouffer
Neighborhood Commercial: Steering Committee/John Peak
Historic Initiative: Lola Carlisle
Library Lots/Summerfest: Pamela Papner
VHCA Election Candidate Introductions
VHCA Budget Overview: Karen Page
2008 Grants: Board
Aaron Gross Award Board

Please take a moment to review candidate candidate bios. You are welcome to bring a pre-filled copy of the ballot, but you must have proof of residency in the neighborhood and deliver your ballot in-person.


Changes to Trees in CVS Parking Lot

Note that the CVS on North Highland is having a water problem at the edge of their building and will have to go in and do some construction to fix it. They want to take down the three crapes that are blooming right now at the edge of the building because of construction. They will in exchange put in two islands in the center of the parking lot and plant 3 Chinese elms. Two trees in one and one in the other. Many thanks for Frank Mobley for negotiating this arrangement with CVS!


Voice – Fall 2008

Download PDF (4.3 MB)

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Voice – Summer 2008

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New Crepe Myrtles – Don’t top!

Crepe Myrtles in Our Neighborhood
Stop! Don’t cut that Crepe Myrtle!
The neighborhood has planted over 100 myrtles along North Highland beginning in 1995 to prepare for the Olympics. The myrtles stretch from Ponce de Leon to Amsterdam. The idea was to create a long avenue of beautifully formed myrtles. Just this winter Trees Atlanta added about 17 new crepes to fill in on the west side of North Highland. Trees Atlanta prunes the trees every year to create a consistency of shape and size. Although many people think that it is proper to prune myrtles, actually it weakens the tree forcing rapid growth into many shoots. In addition, the tree in a weakened condition is open to insects, primarily mites in myrtles. Another problem is the severe cutting usually results in sprouting right at the height of Stop and Pedestrian signs. This year is no exception. We only have one more weekend until the trees have leafed out. Help us protect the myrtles on Highland. Any questions, please feel free to write me at stcoffin@comcast.net.

Many thanks!

Stephanie Coffin
ISA Certified Arborist


Neighborhood police patrol now has cell numbers

Neighborhood Police Patrol
(note: number removed from archived news article 3/7/12 as this is no longer active)
This is the cell phone number for access to our civic asociation sponsored off-duty police patrol while they are on duty. Their patrol hours are usually 10 p.m. til 2 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. This is NOT to be used as a substitute for a 911 call in the event of an emergency situation, but for quality of life and non-emergency situations, and only within the confines of VaHi. Our service boundaries are Amsterdam Avenue on the north, the BeltLine tracks on the west, Ponce de Leon Avenue on the south and Briarcliff Road and/or the city limits on the east. Please do not ask them to go outside the neighborhood limits. After calling 911 for an emergency – leave that line open til police have called you back or they have arrived – then you can call (number removed) for further assistance if our patrol is on duty.

Please contact our neighborhood Safety Chair, John Wolfinger, with questions.


Voice – Winter 2007-8

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