30 Additional Historic Plat Maps Added

Houses once stood on the land that is now John Howell Park, and the Inman School's trailers and playing fields. This plat mapped out the land lots for those houses.

About a year ago, we posted 22 historic plat maps of various subdivisions that are now part of Virginia-Highland — these are the maps on which surveyors originally plotted how the land was subdivided into the lots that, for the most part, still exist today. To explore the maps, you can start by viewing the map of Virginia-Highland (“Map of Maps”), then select your specific area, then click through all available maps for that sector.

Now, the VHCA Preservation and History committee has provided an additional 30 historic plat maps which we have posted. The most enjoyable thing (for history and map geeks, anyway) is to explore from the overall VaHi map. However, if you want to know specifically which maps were added, here is a list:


N. Highland, Asheville, and Dr. Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic

by Brian Gross, Communications Committee

I recently stumbled across a 9-month-old post about a house for sale at 811 N. Highland. Built in 1911, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a carriage house. It’s said to have belonged to a St. Louis doctor, Dr. Edwin Wiley Grove. Dr. Grove was a self-made millionaire most famous for “Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic”, which contained quinine but without the bitter taste. Some sources claim that by 1890 more Grove’s tonic was sold than Coca-Cola.

Dr. Grove’s tonic riches enabled him to buy real estate. Here in our ‘hood, in 1912, he developed what is now Atkins Park (the three “Saint” streets east of N. Highland). Originally “St. Louis Park” (Grove lived in St. Louis), he changed it to Atkins Park to honor a family friend and mentor, Col. Atkins – a man who had served both in the U.S. House of Representatives as well as the Confederate Congress.

In northwest Atlanta along what was until recently Bankhead Highway, Grove developed the streetcar suburb of “Fortified Hills”, later renamed Grove Park, where the now hard-scrabble streets are named after Grove’s daughters.

Grove was active in developing hotels in Asheville, North Carolina. You may have been to the beautiful Grove Park Inn, dedicated by Williams Jennings Bryan and where seven presidents have slept. Connecting the historical dots can lead you to some unexpected places!



Local businesses publish Highland Corridor map

Local businesses in Virginia-Highland have worked together with others in Morningside, Poncey-Highland, Inman Park, and the Old Fourth Ward to produce a foldable, glossy, paper map of the “Highland Corridor”, which is now being distributed at local businesses.

Download the brochure as a PDF
Google map of businesses listed on the map – perfect for using on your smartphone or tablet.

“To The Trade Only” is the facilitator of producing these maps on behalf of the local businesses which make up the district. Barbara English of that company provided us with the story behind the maps:

Following on the heels of the very successful Virginia-Highland marketing pieces that were produced for the businesses as late as 2006, there was a void when the business association failed to maintain itself through organization of its members. The business leaders who were a part of it realized how much time and effort it took to market the area and run their own businesses too. To The Trade Only offered to collect a small amount of money from each of the business owners, organize the group into a workable marketing plan and get the maps printed and distributed to over 76 hotels, B&B’s, the Georgia Department of Economic Development, CNN Center, Peachtree Center, The Atlanta History Center and other points of public distribution in addition to the businesses on the maps.

A Facebook page has been launched, and regular newsletters to the business community are being sent to keep them informed of news that would be relevant to them. The maps are made available to any kind of event for gift bags or just to hand out. This includes weddings, realtors with open houses, etc.

As a marketing piece for the neighborhood association, part of the value of it is to make potential buyers and owners aware that the area is not only a desirable place to live, it is rich with resources which make the area attractive to residents as well as tourists.

It is To The Trade Only’s hope to continue to work with the local residents and businesses in marketing the area to everyone’s benefit. They organized a trade out with Atlanta Intown Magazine and will be seeking out anyone else who has a vested interest in making the Highland Corridor successful on many different levels.


Keep VaHi Beautiful Volunteers Have Successful Clean-Up Day

By: Kay Stephenson

As the sky slowly lightened on a recent crisp fall morning in Virginia-Highland, volunteers assembled in the parking lots at the south end of the neighborhood. Tools were unloaded, bags and gloves donated by Keep Atlanta Beautiful were distributed, and, to the sounds of a leaf blower doing its thing outside Neighbor’s Pub, we were off.

From the MARTA stop on the north side of Ponce De Leon Avenue to the triangle at N. Highland and Virginia avenues, volunteers picked up bag after bag of bottles, food wrappers, cigarette butts and the assorted detritus that accumulates every day in our neighborhood. We whacked, raked, and sprayed weeds, and scraped off stickers while saying a big thank you to Intown Ace Hardware for donating scrapers.

Graffiti Task Force volunteers worked for hours to remove tags on three sides of the Hilan Theater building, and to repaint metal doors and dumpsters.  Kudos once more to Intown Ace for providing supplies and to Atkins Park and Surin for the use of their water.

Both the streetscape and the parking lots received much attention, including a few spots that haven’t seen any love for a very long time. Wellspring Treasures coordinated the participation of a youth group from Peachtree Presbyterian Church, and the kids were a bundle of energy making short work of the alley that runs between St. Charles and Greenwood. The pictures tell the clean-up tale better than any words can (see below).

When we were finished (for this day, as this is an on-going effort), Surin of Thailand had a delicious hot lunch waiting for us, and we all tucked in upstairs at the Indie-pendent. The best part is the knowledge that many business owners have made the commitment to keep their part of the neighborhood looking great. Some that could not join us for Saturday’s event still made an extra effort to get their own property ship shape for our clean-up day.

The Graffiti Task Force and the Keep Virginia Highland Beautiful team want to thank our volunteers and contributors for such a fun and productive event. We look forward to continued improvements to both commercial and residential areas of Virginia-Highland, and hope that the next time we plan an event the whole neighborhood can join in!

Here are pictures of the walls of the Hilan Theatre prior to graffiti removal:

And here are pictures of the same walls, after graffiti removal:

Graffiti Task Force chair Laura Voisinet works on a dumpster in the area behind the Hilan Theatre.

Volunteer David Berl scrubs down a wall of the Hilan Theatre building.

Volunteer Jimmy Lee needs a ladder to reach an especially bad section of graffiti on one of the Hilan Theatre walls.

Graffiti fighters John Wolfinger and Jimmy Lee take a break for some fun with the sprayer.

Here are some pictures of the trash-strewn areas around the St. Charles commercial node prior to clean-up:

And here are the same areas post clean-up:

Weed abatement specialist Bob Coomes – decked out in his best Louisville Cardinal red and with a jug of Roundup in hand – did his best to eradicate invasives along N. Highland from Ponce to the triangle at Virginia Avenue. Here are shots of Bob in action:

Volunteer Roger Harris cleans-up under a bench at the triangle while Bob Coomes chases down more pesky weeds.

No piece of trash escapes volunteer Roger Harris' discerning eye.


Storms Damage Elm Trees Along N. Highland Avenue

This week’s storm caused some limb damage among the elm trees along the northwest corner of the Virginia-Highland street scape. The Parks Department promptly trimmed the fallen limbs, and Parks Arborist Paul Lewkowtiz will evaluate their health and recommend further pruning or replacement in the next couple of weeks.

The trees are young and were heavy from the rain and their load of fall fruit; in those respects this should not be considered a rare phenomenon. This is a species generally considered to be well-suited for the location. We’ll update with Paul’s observations when we hear them.

Thanks to VaHi resident (and retired city arborist) Tom Coffin for his general comments and background info on this topic.






North Highland Avenue Trash Walk May 19th

Laura Voisinet, our VaHi graffiti task force leader, has announced a session to get our main street ready to welcome thousands of VaHi visitors to both Streets Alive! on May 20th http://www.atlantastreetsalive.com/ and Summerfest on June 2nd and 3rd. Meet at the Intown Hardware parking lot at 9 a.m. on the 19th with your gloves ready to do some serious cleaning. Good opportunity for high school students needing community service hours and also a good family activity for all ages. This is all part of the “broken window” theory of crime prevention for our community. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_windows_theory


“Being Mary Jane” TV Pilot filming 4/23 & 4/24

Breakdown Productions, Inc. is currently in preproduction for the television pilot entitled Being Mary Jane for the BET tv network. The one hour drama involves the professional and personal life of Mary Jane Paul, an established television news anchor living in Atlanta. The show will star Gabrielle Union (Think Like a Man, Good Deeds, Ugly Betty, Seventh Heaven) and an ensemble cast that will begin filming April 23, 2012.

The production company states “We are currently preparing to film at Glamour Paws, 780 North Highland Ave as a local pet store.” and that they “will have the assistance of the Atlanta Police Department to insure N. Highland and St. Charles Ave traffic flow during filming. We have no plans for any road closures. The
scenes inside and outside the store are simply dialogue between actors.”

See the attached resident letter for more information on the filming and restoration schedule.


Filming 3/13/12 affecting Los Angeles and N. Highland

S & K Pictures, Inc., a subsidiary of Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., will be filming scenes for a new feature film to be shot entirely in Georgia currently titled, “Trouble With The Curve”. Filming will take place for a half day on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 inside of George’s Restaurant and Bar in the Virginia Highlands. S & K Pictures has applied to the City of Atlanta for a permit to block the south-­ curb lane and sidewalk of Los Angeles Ave. between N. Highland Ave. and Lanier Blvd. NE. from 6am-­12pm on Mon., March 12th and Wed., March 14th. We would like to close that same lane and sidewalk from 12am – 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 13th. Also, we have applied for the east-­curb parking lane of N. Highland Ave. between Los Angeles Ave. and Virginia Ave. (before the Chevron gas station) from 12am to 11:59pm on Tues., March 13th. The company will take great care not cause traffic problems. Safety Signal Corporation and off-­duty Atlanta police officers will be handling traffic safety. Driveways and loading zones will not be blocked. Traffic will not be stopped. If anyone has questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me. Thank You, Stephen Dirkes Key Assistant Location Manager S & K Pictures, Inc. #404.217.6809


Voice – Spring 2010

Download PDF (3.0 MB)

– Triangle island renovation nears completion
– Home Tour recap
– Local Haiti relief efforts continue
– President’s Corner: Callanwolde silent auction results
– SPARK students introduced to debate
– Spotlight on Grady High School
– Grow fruit in your garden
– Streetscape update
– Green Dream silent auction a success
– Safety update: Reed administration and the APD
– Orme Park Phase One improvements
– How healthy are your trees?
– History part VI
– Col. Mustard reviews Rosebud


North Highland Streetscape Damage

Thanx to alert dog-walker Rob Glancy who noticed the damaged light pole, bench and torn out tree in front of Highland Hardware that was the result of an auto accident. He obtained the police report from this incident and Kathryn King Metters is pursuing to contact the involved insurance companies to make sure the city is reimbursed for this damage so they can be replaced. Rob has already contacted Trees Atlanta to replace the damaged tree.


Streetscape Meeting

For the many of you who have voiced concerns about the changes at Virginia and North Highland and some of the unintended consequences of this project, VaHi president Pam Papner has scheduled a meeting to go over these concerns, and create a list of suggested solutions. Meet at the traffic island on Thursday, July 30th at 7 to collectively look at the corner and then walk to Church of Our Savior for a sit down session and, as a group, work on a list of realistic ideas to solve these problems. This confab is for residents and business owners alike.


Safety Team Report 3/20/09

Be On The Lookout!!

There was an attempted break-in at the Colonnade condo building on North Highland Avenue early Sunday morning the 15th. The alert owners were at home at the time, awoke and scared him away – but just because he failed this time does not mean he won’t try here again. His physical description is as follows – white male in low to mid 30’s, about 5’10”, with jet black wavy hair and long sideburns. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt at that time. If he hasn’t shaved his head and cut off the sideburns – he ought to be very easy to recognize.

Your UPS/FedEx Deliveries

Don’t forget to stop by Intown Hardware on North Highland Avenue to sign up to have your packages delivered to their safe address, and avoid package thefts from your front doorstep. This is a wonderful good neighbor service.

North Highland Cleanup March 28th

Victoria Hathcox has stepped up to assume leadership for monthly cleanup sessions, and has scheduled the first session to make sure North Highland is really clean to welcome the ING Marathon on the 29th. Bring your gloves and meet at the Intown Hardware parking lot at 9 a.m. ready to do some serious pickingup. Trash bags, etc. will be supplied. We will also be painting over or erasing any graffiti along this street also. Contact Victoria at vhathcox@hotmail.com for any questions or further details. Thank you Victoria for your leadership! This can be a great family event.

ING Marathon March 29th

Don’t forget to alter your driving plans for this race day to avoid frustrations. Go to http://www.inggeorgiamarathon.com for details and race routes.

Safety Team Street Captains Meeting

Eleanor Barrineau has agreed to chair this helpful and informative training session again this year. This is scheduled for Saturday morning, May 9th at 10 at the PDL Avenue library. Those who attended last year know this is a way to learn how to better serve your neighbors and keep your corner of the world a little safer. Contact Eleanor at ebarrineau@aol.com if you would like to help her organize this event.

National Night Out Event

If you attended this event last August or heard about it – you know this was a great community bonding event. Michelle Reid has stepped up to head up the event this year and is ready to start planning toward August 4th – e-mail her at mareid01@gmail.com to volunteer to help her make this year’s event bigger and better. We are bound to get a lot of media attention this year, since I am sure we will be an important campaign stop for city office candidates. Thank you Michelle for your leadership!

Crime reports from APD

The following incidents are gleaned from our APD Zone 6 crime stat reports for weeks # 10 and 11 of 2009, with emphasis on our Beat # 603, but with news from over all of the Zone as it pertains to us in our everyday lives. Read these reports to learn how you can alter your daily routine to lessen the chances of your becoming a victim. Granted, we can’t avoid everything, but alert and aware folks are far safer in the long run.

Aggravated Assault – There was a domestic altercation in a parking lot in the 700 block of PDL Avenue involving folks from Stone Mountain. A fight in Freedom Park resulted in a homeless male being hit on the head with a beer bottle by a female. He was taken to Grady on our tax dollar.

Auto Theft – A vehicle was stolen from the garage of the Briarcliff Summit building on PDL Avenue.

Commercial Burglary – A unit was entered at the storage facility on Kanuga Street at Virginia Avenue. Burkhart’s Bar at Ansley Square on Piedmont Avenue was entered through a broken rear door window. (Yes, you’re right – liquor was stolen.)

Larceny From Auto – Vehicles were broken into on Amsterdam Walk, Adair Avenue, Frederica Street, Los Angeles Avenue, Pylant Street, Arlington Place, PDL Avenue (4), PDL Place, and Virginia Avenue. One of the thefts from PDL Avenue involved the loss of parking and fog lites – your guess is as good as mine as to why something like this would be stolen. Half of our smash and grabs were from vehicles owned by folks outside of VaHi. Remember to remind your visitors and neighbors of the Clean Car Campaign – an empty car is not much of an invitation to the guys who roam our streets looking for opportunities. All around Zone 6 in this time period – TWENTY GPS systems were taken, 5 in-dash radio/stereos were ripped out, 5 license plates were taken off and one ammo clip was stolen. Keep looking to make sure you still have a license plate.

Larceny Other – YSM Design on Dutch Valley Place reported several computers are missing with no signs of forced entry. A wallet was taken from an unwatched purse at the Varsity, Jr. on Lindberg Drive. The North Highland CVS had a shoplifter caught by an officer at the corner of Greenwood and Highland. A female patron forgot her purse at closing time at the MJQ Club on PDL Avenue – her credit card had already been used by the time she checked with her bank. A Briarcliff Summit resident was missing a cellphone after a visitor left their apartment. Our PDL Avenue Kroger and Publix stores caught 4 shoplifters, and the Edgewood Target caught 3 illegal shoppers.
At the Bank of America branch in East Atlanta, someone left their ATM card in the machine’s slot – and yes it was used again. Also at this same bank, a suspect tried to cash a stolen check – the police were called, but the suspect fled before the officer’s arrival. The suspect though, left the check and their I.D. at the bank.

Residential Burglary – A Highland Green Way condo was entered through a smashed rear window. Bicycles were stolen from a Monroe Drive garage via an unlocked door. Two different apartments on Piedmont Road were entered through unlocked doors. Elsewhere around Zone 6 in this time period, 4 residences were entered via kicked-in doors. In case you missed seeing the scary video of a recent Henry County door-kicking incident http://www.ajc.com/video/content/video/?bcpid=1659825399&bclid=1716449804&bctid=16960709001

I have not heard anything lately about the naked male prowler on Briarcliff Road – any news or sightings about this problem? Let me know so I can keep the rest of the neighborhood informed. And for those of you who jog or walk solo in darkness – keep in mind the stabbing attack on Briarcliff Road in DeKalb County this week. Need I say more?

Be alert, be aware, keep your car clean, and stay safe!!


Safety Team Report 2/7/09

My Bad Experience

This past week I had a personal computer crash, and I lost a lot of stored material. If you e-mailed me from 2/2 to 2/6 and have not gotten a response – please resend. Also, I lost a lot of names on our distribution list – so if you are a Street Captain and hopefully seeing this on our neighborhood yahoo groups – please contact me so I can get your address plugged in again. Hopefully, this will not happen again, as the computer guy who set up my new tower also installed a mozy backup system. This is what happens when you have an elderly technologically challenged person as your public safety chair.

North Highland Benches

The relatively new streetscape benches on North Highland Avenue are being vandalized and damzged by someone late at nite. If you have any knowledge of this destruction, please call 911 and make a report. These benches are expensive, and the civic association has already replaced the one in front of Moes and Joes.

Street Captains

The VaHi streets west of Monroe Drive are still not covered by Street Captains, and if you know someone who would be good candidates for Amsterdam Walk, Elmwood Drive, Cresthill Avenue, Orme Circle or Park Drive – please let me know at safety@vahi.org

Clean Car Campaign

This important initiative is being rolled out at the Monday, February 9th Midtown safety meeting at 7 at Redeemer Lutheran church at 4th and Peachtree Streets. We need to continually be reminding our city visitors and residents alike to keep cars cleaned out of “stuff”. Most of our smash and grabs here in VaHi seem to involve out-of-neighborhood visitors now – so that tells me our bars and restaurants need to be doing a better job of warning their patrons.

Crime reports from APD

The following crime stats for weeks 4 and 5 of 2009 are gleaned from our Zone 6 reports, with specific emphasis on our beat # 603, but news of surrounding areas as it affects us. As you read these, keep in mind how you can alter your daily routines to avoid being being a victim of crime.

Aggravated Assault – On 1/26 at 10 p.m. a North Highland female resident was struck in the face with a stick as she attempted to break up a fight between 2 men – one was arrested. I do not know who the victim was, but hope she was not seriously injured.

Auto Theft – Cars were stolen from PDL Place, Rosedale Drive, Virginia Circle, and a car on Virginia Avenue had the ignition damaged in a foiled attempt. A scooter was stolen from Frederica Street. Three more trailers were stolen – one from Rosedale Drive, one from Hillpine Drive in Morningside and one from Waverly Way in Inman Park. If you have a trailer – I would consider hiding it in the back yard if possible, rather than leaving it on the street or in
your driveway.

Commercial Burglary – Another unit was broken into at the Public Storage facility on Monroe Drive in Piedmont Heights. Cooks Warehouse in Amsterdam Walk was entered through a smashed glass front door. A flat screen tv set was stolen from the patio of the Diesel restaurant. Maddy Cakes on Piedmont Road was entered via a smashed side window, then from there the thieves broke through the interior wall into the Marvelous Dog store.

Commercial Robbery – My Dry Cleaner on Moreland Avenue in L5P was robbed on 1/29 at 3 p.m. with cash taken from the register. I understand this robber has been caught. At the PDL Avenue Kroger on 1/27 at 6:25 a.m. a perp approached an employee and demanded money from the register – the employee stated the register was not open, only the u-scan line being open. The perp gave him a dumbfounded look and walked out of the store.

Larceny From Auto – Cars were broken into on Amsterdam Avenue (2), Amsterdam Walk, Drewry Street, Los Angeles Avenue, PDL Avenue (2), and Virginia Avenue. Of these 8 smash and grabs – 7 of the car owners were from outside of VaHi. There was also a smash and grab in the Best Buy parking lot at Edgewood at 3 p.m. No – all of these incidents do not happen after dark. Around all of Zone 6 for these two weeks, there were 12 GPS systems taken, 4 in-dash stereo/radios ripped out, 3 license plates were taken off, one revolver added to the arsenal on the streets, and another incident of tires/wheels being taken off.

Larceny Other – A laptop was missing after a party at a Monroe Drive residence. At Highland Hardware a portable steel bridge and 20 steel drain grates were taken – more scrap metal thievery? The PDL Avenue Kroger and Publix stores caught 5 shoplifters and the Edgewood Target caught 5 also. The Edgewood Kroger also caught a male shoplifter with two bottles of champagne in his pants. A North Highland Avenue resident alleged a visitor took money from her residence. A locked bicycle was taken from the bike rack at the PDL Avenue Publix. On Virginia Avenue a Rolex watch was taken by a visitor to the apartment.

Pedestrian Robbery – An h/m was robbed at gunpoint on Lenox Road at 10 p.m. by two b/m. A female was robbed at gunpoint on 1/31 at 9:20 a.m. in the PDL Avenue Kroger parking lot. At the Edgewood Kroger parking lot on 1/27 at 2:50 a.m. an a/f was robbed by 3 b/m and 1 b/f – when she didn’t have any money – they took her groceries and fled by car.

Residential Burglary – On Virginia Avenue entry was made through an unsecured front door. All across Zone 6, 27 residences were entered via kicked-in doors.


Changes to Trees in CVS Parking Lot

Note that the CVS on North Highland is having a water problem at the edge of their building and will have to go in and do some construction to fix it. They want to take down the three crapes that are blooming right now at the edge of the building because of construction. They will in exchange put in two islands in the center of the parking lot and plant 3 Chinese elms. Two trees in one and one in the other. Many thanks for Frank Mobley for negotiating this arrangement with CVS!


Highland Avenue Transportation Survey

Thanks for taking a moment to fill out this survey. It is only with neighborhood input that we can identify the public transit (trolleys, shuttles, MARTA bus service) needs of the residents and businesses along Highland Avenue.

Please tell us about your household:

Household Status:

# of children in household:

# of household members in the following age groups:

Under 20





Over 60

1. Check each purpose for which you have considered or would consider public transportation in the neighborhood on Highland Avenue:
Shopping at Sage Hill
Dining in Morningside, Virginia-Highland, Poncey-Highland, Inman Park
Meeting friends for coffee at one of the neighborhood coffee shops

Shops and restaurants at University Drive (Alon’s, Mambos, Natural Body)
Running errands at Amsterdam Avenue (pet supplies, haircut, post office)

Going to the movies and stopping at Market One
Taking in a game at Manuel’s Tavern
Visiting the YWCA
Downtown (5 Points, Hotels, etc)
Highland Ave. & Elizabeth (Soto Soto, Highland Bakery, Jake’s, Roman Lily)
Doing laundry

Hospital and CVS

Going to church and/or synagogue
Attending Virginia Highlands Summerfest


2. What days and time frames would you likely ride public transit? Check all that apply.
Monday through Friday
Good weather only

Rain or shine

3. What is the distance from your home to the nearest transit stop along Highland Avenue or Johnson Road?
Less than a 5 minute walk
A 5-10 minute walk
More than a 10 minute walk

4. Assuming schedule reliability, what frequency would a transit schedule need to be on to meet your needs to consider public transportation to neighborhood businesses?
Run every 10-12 minutes

Run every 12-15 minutes
Run every 15 minutes
Run every 20-30 minutes

5. Do you currently pay for parking when you visit local businesses along Highland Avenue?

I go out of my way to find a free parking spot.
I’ll pay for parking but $ is my limit.
Paying for parking is part of intown living and I deal with it.

6. Regarding parking, please check the following:
I never have trouble finding a parking spot.
I sometimes have trouble finding a parking spot.
I always have trouble finding parking and I’ve about had it.
I valet park and don’t worry about it.

7. What is the MAXIMUM fare you would be willing to pay for hassle free, reliable, convenient public transportation along the Highland Avenue?
$1.75 per person per ride
$1.00 per person per ride
$1.75 per person unlimited ridership for a 4 hour time period
$1.00 per person unlimited ridership for a 4 hour time period

8. Please comment on transit stops in their current form:

I am fine with the current stops.
I would like to see shelter at the stops.

Other comments:

9. If an express service were offered from the corner of Virginia and Highland, where the final destination was a MARTA Rail Station, which station would you like it to serve:


Arts Center

Inman Park

10. Everyday transit needs
Have you taken public transit to for your everyday needs (work/school/rehearsals/meetings)?
If yes, how often?

If no, why?
Distance to transit stop
Time / transfers to destination

Would you like to be informed of our progress:
Email address:


Voice – Fall 2002

Download PDF (1.1 MB)

– VaHi gets first Jewish outreach center (Chabad Intown)
– Letter to the editor from Ben Northrup: “New urbanism is not mere nostalgia”
– Child and infant CPR classes
– Fundraiser for Piedmont Park off-leash dog park
– Officer Dave gives advice
– President’s corner: Summerfest success
– The 100 crape myrtles of Highland Ave., by Stephanie Coffin
– It’s high time for tea, by Jenn Ballentine (drink tea and talk to each other more)
– Mosquito madness meets match, by Chip Gallagher
– Pearls of wisdom from Highland Hoer, by John Wolfinger


The Great Arc Light Controversy of 1916

VHCA has received the following reports from the Atlanta Constitution about a great controversy raging over an arc light which was hung from the intersection of Highland Avenue and Adair Avenue. The McDaniels at 18 Adair (now 1015 Adair) and the Jones at 988 N. Highland (now 936 N. Highland), were at each other’s throats. Not to mention the Rev. J.C. Atkinson, who came to the defense of the honor of his daughter, Mrs. McDaniels!

Copyright has expired from these texts.